Rage of the Ancient Gods, 3

Posted: June 9, 2010 in DnD
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Alvis’ body ached as he took in a deep breath and regained the feeling in his body.  His clothes felt damp, his mouth dry, and his mind reeled from what he had seen.  Alvis opened his eyes wide and, for a moment, he didn’t hear his name being called nor the knocking at the door.  Pain lanced through his body as Alvis pushed himself to his feet and staggered to the door.  There was no sound of thunder, no pouring rain.

How long has it been?’ Alvis thought.  There was nothing but sunlight as Alvis opened the door and he shied away for an instant, a hand over his eyes to block out the pain.

“You are alive!”

Alvis recognized the voice and squinted against the harsh light, seeing a familiar shadow slowly taking form of a young female centaur.  “Caitlyn?”

“We haven’t seen you in a fortnight.”  Caitlyn spoke with the thick accent any centaur had when they spoke the human language.  Alvis had could barely tell himself that she was pretty; she was wild, her hair a rusty color and her skin tanned from living in the sun.  Her lower body appeared painted, the auburn fur sprayed with block splotches as if someone had flicked their paint brush at the poor girl.  “What happened?”

The question brought Alvis out of his daze and Caitlyn’s first statement sunk in.  “Fourteen days?”

Caitlyn nodded.  “We thought you had gone to the human village for your necessities but when no one spotted you on your return, we began to worry.  Brogan ventured to the village-”

“Brogan?” Alvis asked, his lip curling in confusion.  “He barely knows the human tongue.”

“He is a strong warrior,” Caitlyn replied, “and he could protect himself if the humans sought to do him harm.”  Alvis nodded with a shrug, lowering his eyes; they still hadn’t adjusted to the sunlight yet.  “Where were you, Alvis?  What kept you away for so long?”

“I wish I knew…”  Alvis’ voice trailed off as he raised his eyes to Caitlyn.  As if by magic his vision cleared and he looked past the centaur.  What had once been an open field now looked like an orchard of apple trees.  Hanging from each branch were apples, sparkling gold in the midday son.  “By the gods,” Alvis breathed, stumbling out of his home and past Caitlyn.  With a trembling body he raised his hand and wanted to touch the golden fruit, but his mind went to work and brought forth information on such a sight.  Alvis pulled away from the tree as if the plant would strike him.

Caitlyn trotted over to Alvis’ side, eying the young human and the tree.  “You fear this?”

Alvis nodded slowly, “These things bring nothing but strife.  Has anyone from you clan touched them?”

“No,” Caitlyn replied.  “We thought they were your doing and knew better then to touch one of your relics.”

“Good.”  Alvis rubbed his cheek, feeling for the first time the facial he had grown over his lost time.  “Tell your clan that these are not to be touched in the slightest….I need to see if I can burn this whole orchard to the ground.”

Caitlyn’s brown eyes grew wide.  “Burn it?  But it’s food.”

“Not when the bringer is Eris.”

  1. Spring says:

    Oh, eerie. Your description of the orchard reminds me of a dream I had a couple years ago about an apple orchard with runes hanging off the branches.

    Beautiful description, by the way. You have an eye for detail. Way better than some of the stuff I read as a creative writing major, that’s for sure, lol.

    • chibivega says:

      Thanks! I’m happy you’re enjoying this and that I’ve gotten better with my descriptions. I also like the sound of that dream of yours, pretty wiggy!

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