We Interrupt This Program

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Life
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Today’s gaming session was canceled due to Renny’s mother dropping by.  It had been planned, though, for some reason she didn’t know we’d be there….which is odd because we’ve been getting together at the same time and place for the past year.  We were all rather aggravated, me a little more so because I was looking forward to cooking dinner for the group.  Not just any dinner, mind you, but an ‘authentic’ Hawai’ian dinner: Spam!  Odd, I know, but Hawai’i is the world’s largest consumer of Spam and I do remember my mother loving it fondly.  It’s not a bad taste and Grendal enjoys it, so it’s not all bad.  It was going to consist of pan fried Spam, white rice, edamame, and King’s Hawai’ian Bread.  All that was missing was the beach and some mixed drinks. XD  The group was gung ho for it, including Renny’s father, but mommy dearest showed up in a sour mood and her body can’t handle Spam, which I don’t hold against her!  I would rather her have something else then eat something her body can’t stand…..I know how it goes.

The night wasn’t all bad.  Grendal and I went out to dinner at a local Japanese place but the service was bad.  It’s usually spot on but the waitress was flightly.  The dinner was great, as usual, and the sushi was a nice change of pace.  After that we went out for some Cold Stone ice cream!  Talk about a yummy dinner and dessert combo.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to get some stuff for the wedding on Sunday, just hair pins and what not.  I hope the wedding goes smoothly and I can handle the crowd, that and I don’t get too tired because Monday not only do we have to take the dog to the vet but I get to watch my 9 year old niece. O_o  It’s gonna be hectic.

  1. Spring says:

    A lot of our games lately have been cancelled due to company, too. Although, I suggested at this point we just invite the guy to our game. Probably can’t do that with that guy’s mother, though, right? lol

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