Posted: June 14, 2010 in Life

Past two days have been tiring.  From being in a wedding to watching an 8 year old for a few hours.  The wedding went well, though it rained.  I made a comment about the rain being a sign of fertility which is a good thing, especially since they would like children.  The oddest quote for that day was Grendal, on the way home.  A car driving by had a dog as a passanger, who just happened to have their head out the window.  It was a Shar-pei.  Grendal said the following: “It’s a Shar-pei…It’s a Shar-pei puppy!  It’s a Shar-puppy!!”  Wide eyed look at me, “It’s a SHARPIE!”  We were both rather tired and this was just hilarious, and still is in my mind because his train of thought is beautiful.

Now, I need more rest.


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