Many would believe that Tartarus was a damned place, a dungeon for those who were meant to be forgotten.  To those living there, the ancient Gods and over looked creatures of old, it was a safe haven and a window to the cosmos.  It lay beneath the realm of Hades and it was only he who had access to Tartarus without seeking consent from the inhabitants.

She wore a crescent moon on her brow, held in place by a delicate metal chain against pale skin.  In her midnight hair sat the twinkling lights of countless stars and within her eyes sat the knowledge of time.  Even lounging amongst plush pillows, complacent in her current state of comfort, the Goddess Nyx still had the air of authority only a primeval spark of consciousness could command.  She studied Atropos and Clotho as they hurried towards her, noting the worried glances her other children exchanged at the sight; something was amiss.

“Greetings, my daughters,” Nyx announced, rising to her feet.  “Where is your third?”

Atropos bowed her head slightly, a motion mimicked by Clotho.  The boisterous talking that had been prevalent only seconds before died to hushed whispers as the eldest of the Moirae spoke.  “Detained, Mother…”

“Why?” Nyx asked as she approached her daughter.

Taking in a deep breath Atropos met Nyx’s gaze, “A problem has risen within the fabric of time…”

“There has been movement,” Clotho added.

Nyx narrowed her eyes slightly, “What do you mean?”

“Someone has tampered with the strings, Mother,” Atropos explained.  She ignored the whispers and the shocked gasps from her siblings, keeping her calm like she always had.  The job of the Moirae had been simple and until that very moment, without problems.  “I believe it was one of our own.”

Apate was the first to speak, or rather loudest of those speaking.  “One of us?  Why not one of the fellow spinners?  All know that no one is allowed in that sanctum.”

Clotho turned around, her eyes wild with fury.  “Who, besides Lachesis, is absent from this feast?”  Silence fell over the group and the Gods gazed at each other with wonder.

It was Eros who rose to his feet, commanding attention with such a simple movement but nothing less was expected from the God.  “Is it not your daughter Eris and her brood?”

Nyx bristled at the comment.  “What has she done?”

Atropos swallowed hard, “She has moved one of the strings, setting off our plans for many lifetimes. . . . Lachesis is seeing what can be done.”

“Destroy the human, here and now,” Nyx spat.  “Even though Eris is my own, I will not allow her to change things on a whim.”

“But mother-” Clotho and Atropos spoke in unison.

Nyx raised her hand, silencing them both.  “No!  It is known that we cannot move the strings once they’re in place; it is easier to destroy the life.”  The doors to the dining hall opened, causing all attention to turn to the meal’s late arrival.  Lachesis trotted down the walkway, her face flushed and her eyes wild with joy.  “What?  A smile in the face of such news?”

“I have fixed Eris’ tampering,” Lachesis said with a joyful sigh.

“How?” Nyx asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“While we cannot re-weave, I am able to rewrite the man’s future and the future of those around him.”

Eros strolled forward, a smile tugging on his lips.  “And how have you managed this?”

Lachesis stood beside her mother before turning to her siblings, “Our brethren on Mount Olympus and their comrades, the Asgard, believe their time is coming to an end….as well as the time of the humans.”  A mixture of laughter and sorrow erupted from the primeval deities.  “They are sitting aside, waiting for the end while the humans suffer from negligence.  One human, though, has heard this from the mouths of Gods and Eris had manipulated his thread so he would die without another soul knowing the fate of their world.  I have made it so this man can aid in the humans survival, as well as setting peace amongst the Asgard and the Olympians.”

“This is a rather large undertaking, daughter,” Nyx replied.  “How do you suggest this happens?”

“We are the oldest beings on earth, and we hold more powers then they can imagine.” Eros smiled.  “Let me plan this, dear sister, and I promise that the skies will be calm from this night on.”

Nyx nodded, “So be it.”


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