Electronic Entertainment Expo, i.e. E3, is the apex of a Gamer’s year.  I believe it was the creator of Twisted Metal that said E3 was the Gamer’s Christmas and, honestly, I have to agree.  With glimpses of what’s to come in every corner of the gaming world, who could ask for more?

I follow E3 closely, though retain only the info I find interesting.  Know what that means??  Much of the Nintendo Franchise goes unnoticed in the world of me.  I know of the Metroid game as well as the next installment of Legend of Zelda, and what ever else they may be squeezing out of poor Mario now(he’s at 200+ game appearances).  Besides that, the Nintendo fan-boys and fan-girls have squealed about a Kirby game and Kid Icarus(never touched an Icarus game, though I have wondered if you can die from flying too high).  I won’t go on about the Nintendo stuff, mainly because it will just be drab coming from me.  Look it up at other gaming sites, though be weary about blogs and personal views, like mine they’ll be riddled with personal opinions(you can always spot a Nintendo supporter from a mile a way).

My fan-girl inspiring moments thus far?  Silent Hill 8(it’s getting old but I need me some survival horror), the new Mortal Kombat, Little Big Planet 2, the announcement of Firefight in Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops (the first CoD to catch my eye), Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (light bending invisibility!), Fallout: New Vegas, and…um….I think that’s it.  There is still one more day left, so who knows what kind of info/footage may be found!

I’m a little leery about the Natal/Kinect launch games looking too much like what the Wii has processed to fill it’s motion control niche.  What I’m hoping for is the fact that Natal/Kinect, and even the PS3’s motion controls, could bring forth some not so family friendly, party games.  I know for a fact that I’ll be upset to find some Mario Party knock off on my 360 but with the idea of ‘fighting’ games, racing, and, maybe, some form of FPS being available for  the motion control scheme would kick ass.  Plus it will give the hardcore 360 fans and/or Wii haters a chance to test out the motion controls.

Now we just have to hope that Microsoft has had enough time to get Natal/Kinect to a good working speed, given the Wii presented the technology to the world 4 years ago.  Then again, I hope for too much sometimes.


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