Candlelight Dinner

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Gaming, Life

It seems that our Friday gaming sessions have been doomed for the past two weeks.  Last week Renny’s mother showed up, which meant we had to call the day short.  What happened yesterday?  A lovely thunderstorm rolled in to the Northern portion of Illinois, bringing with it some strong winds.  The electricity in Renny’s house can be touchy and before the storm really got started the lights flickered and then went out.  Moments later, while Ry and I were outside watching the clouds roll in and enjoying the wind, I noticed a flash of light.  Now this wasn’t your typical lightning strike and I don’t think it was actual lightning.  I saw a ball of light right above some trees and then heard a resounding boom!  Ry and I were shocked, and then the rain picked up so I got my happy little but inside.  With the electricity out we went into Renny’s sunroom/back porch to watch and listen to the storm.  It was great.

After the first storm left we all decided to take it easy.  Gigs and Renny played chess, Grendal was looking through one of the D&D books for his compilation stuff, and I was giving a reading to Dee.  Pretty mellow.  Another storm was threatening to roll in and I decided it was time to make some dinner.  Luckily Renny had some matches so we were able to use the stove top.  I fried up the spam from last week and cooked the edamame and rice over the stove(its been a while since I’ve made stove top rice!).  By the time it was done it was getting dark and gloomy so we had to break out some candles and a nice kerosene lamp.  It was odd but nice to have a candlelight dinner with my friends, even ifit was only spam.

After the next storm was over it was too dark to really see each other without breaking out LOTS of candles so we decided to call it a night.  Even though there was no gaming in our usual sense, we had a great time hanging out.  I was a little worried during the storm, though.  Not because of tornado threats but my elder sister’s house lays in the flood plane and the past two years her backyard turned into a mini lake….or would that be a large puddle?  Ah well.  I haven’t heard from her so I guess the yard is okay!

  1. Hmm. I never had any candlelight dinner with anyone so I have no idea how it feels. 😦

  2. Spring says:

    I heard about that storm! At my job, I talk to providers all day–you know, doctors, hospitals, etc–and one woman called in to get benefits for a patient. I gave her the benefit quote super-fast because I knew there was a storm up there, and she was in a rush to get out before it started pouring.

    I’m guessing that because you’re blogging about it, you got your power back? Be glad–we had that “inland hurricane” in southern Illinois last year, and we had no power for a week. I don’t mind no power for a little bit, but after a week, both Jim and I were cranky, lol.

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