Well, my little mini game ended last night.  The group was a little pokey again but not as bad.  Cantropos and Dame Gris found my zombie gardeners hilarious, which made me happy.  The group managed to stay away from my undead dragon, though there was a slight chance Ry’s Ranger and Grendal’s Paladin/Monk would attack it on the spot(they came back the next day, ie after the game).

What made me happy was the ending of it.  The group had a huge decision: kill the good Necropolitan, ending the budding relationship with the kidnapped girl, or kill the evil Sorcerer.  It took about half an hour of discussing and question asking, and a failed Turn Undead attempt by our Cleric, before an agreement was made.  Since the Necropolitan had done nothing wrong and just wanted to run away with the girl, the group let them run off(though there was much grumbling from the Cleric).  Cantropos challenged the Sorcerer to a duel out front and Renny’s Cleric followed.  Renny’s character was attacked by the Sorcerer (the guy pretty much grabbed Renny’s heart via magic, giving him a heart attack).  Cantropos knocked the Sorcerer out in one hit, saving Renny’s life.  At this point Gigs’ character came down and said he could destroy the Sorcerer.  The group dragged the body to the front yard and Gigs’ summoned a small fire elemental and had it attack the Sorcerer.  Unfortunately the Sorcerer was still alive (something Gigs’ character didn’t know).  The Sorcerer woke up, screaming in pain, and managed to cast a teleport spell, thus escaping the group.

So, in the end, the undead man and the kidnapped girl lived happily ever after but the Sorcerer is still at large.  The group was disappointed though they are interested in searching for the guy at a later date.

You know what this means??  In a few weeks we’ll be starting the Deities campaign! 😀  It also means I need to kick my butt in gear and start mapping out the world and what not.  >w<  This will be most awesome!  Gigs tried to make me promise that there won’t be another Merrick character (my baby red dragon, I’ll tell her story in a future post) but I honestly can’t.  Merrick was created on a whim and pretty much evolved into something greater!


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