I’m a fan of anime, though not as much as I once was.  Its not that I’ve lost interest in the Japanese animation but I’ve found that there is a lack of serious ones.  Many of the series that are popular are overly comedic, so much so that they shove it in your face.  I’m mainly talking about One Piece, Naruto, and, the biggest offender in my book, Bleach.  These three are meant to have some form of comedy in them, I know that, but the series in anime form goes out of it’s way to show you that its being funny.  It’s just as bad as the laugh tracks on sitcoms.  Don’t get me wrong….I do enjoy a nice comedy once in a while.  Hell one of my favorite series still is Azumanga Diaoh (I could easily be Yukari-sensei)!

No, the things that I love to death are series like X, Omniyoji, Berserk, Ergo Proxy, Guyver, etc.  I like ones that make you think or have ‘deep’ stories and what not.  While those series do have their ‘deep, dark’ moments they’re not with out comedy.

I guess the point of this whole post was the fact that I used to make AMV (anime music videos).  They weren’t anything special; I didn’t have any fancy programs or equipment.  I usually had to search websites to find the clips I need before getting a program and some cables so I could record my own footage from DVDs and games (yeah, GMVs lol).  The anime club I had once been a part of and ran enjoyed them to some extent, mainly because it was one of their own making it.  Sadly, much like my taste in anime, a lot of the videos seemed to escape them.  I have a tendency to link the footage and the lyrics/mood of the songs, which is done by some great AMVs out there but the ones that the club had been focused on the time were nothing more than flashy videos that had nothing to do with the lyrics, just the beat.

I was going through my YouTube account and looked through the videos I was willing others to watch and I felt all nostalgic.  Most of them have to do with Samurai Warriors but I have a few actual AMVs on there, ones that I’m proud of.  Looking at them got me thinking and I’ve decided to try my hand at making another GMV, this time focusing on Alan Wake.  I had to search around for a song that had lyrics and a mood fit for the game and, honestly, I ended up with System of a Down.  Lets just hope I can get the videos I need and that my computer wont crap out on me.

And now for some obligatory videos! 😀  I don’t own the music or footage, blah blah blah.  Three of my favorites:

Stupid Girlfriend set to Maharomatic (one of two comedies I’ve done)

Requiem for a Tower set to Fatal Frame 3

Behind These Hazel Eyes set to Samurai Warriors 2.

  1. Spring says:

    As soon as my boyfriend turns off the freakin’ TV (which, these days, seems to be NEVER), I’m gonna watch your videos. I always enjoy those videos. Interestingly enough, I was thinking of anime today–I also used to be a fan but am not so much into it anymore–and I was thinking of some old titles that I would like to have again.

    You know a creepy anime? Perfect Blue. My boyfriend likes horror type of stuff, so I want him to watch that sometime. Even though he DOES hate anime. (He’d keep an open mind, though.)

    Have you ever seen Key the Metal Idol? That one has some “meat” to it, too.

  2. chibivega says:

    Part of me wants to watch Perfect Blue but the other part doesn’t. One of these days, though, I will watch it. Grendal keeps telling me I need to watch Key the Metal Idol, its one that he enjoys, so hearing that someone else has told me to check it out will probably make him fish out his copy.

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