So Many Choices

Posted: June 25, 2010 in DnD, Life
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I’ve been slowly working on the list of monsters for my upcoming DnD game.  Looking at it, it seems rather short considering that this game has the potential of reaching ‘epic’ level.  The Deities and Demigods book has some monster ideas for both the Olympian side and about 3 for the Asgards but the list seems to be lacking.  I threw in a bunch of Fae that weren’t mentioned and added in Elves and Dwarfs, including their underdark/subterranean counterparts, mainly due to the fact that Norse myths do mention Dark Elves, so I decided Drow and Deurger would be a great to throw in to the mix.  One thing that I know I’m going to do is have Dragons running about as well as Half-Dragons (still need to really explain Merrick).  I love using them in the game, especially when they’re not necessarily there for the players to fight/kill.  I know there was a race of monsters that Zeus messed with that had like 100 arms and what not(so forgot what they’re called)….Oh! Scratch that, Grendal pulled out the Epic Level Handbook and pointed me to the creature: the Hecatonchires. According to 3ed rules, it’s a CR 57 but Grendal says they could take it out if they ever reached level 30…..which I hope doesn’t happen because that means this will be another year long game. @_@

The BIG thing about this game is the fact that I’m going to be having beings walking around that are the children of some God or Goddess.  I already have the son of Zeus as a major part and I know for a fact that I want to even things out, so I’ll need to read up on the Asgards to figure out a good deity to father or mother a half god. 🙂  Thanks to the Magic of Incarnum I have a neat idea of how the average joe might be able to identify these deity descendants if they’re looking for ’em: glowing eyes, for one, but I can’t think of much else.  I’m thinking sparks or crackling electricity for those descendant from Zeus or Thor.  I know for anyone related to any of the deities of love and beauty would be very charismatic and what not.

I have a lot to do for that game still… make a map and figure out city names. 😐  Luckily we have a few weeks before we start playing, so its all good.

On another note, Futurama’s new episodes aired last night.  I had some good chuckles but its no surprise that it was AS good as the original stuff.  I enjoyed it but Grendal was disappointed.  Ah well.  Lets hope they can redeem themselves in his eyes, lol.


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