Here are the bare bones of the upcoming Ancient Trifles game.  Pretty much just a rough idea of monsters and side story hooks.  Grendal has asked if the group could be gestalt (two classes at once) and I will admit that it is tempting.  I’ve agreed to allow it, though I am taking a note from one of his earlier games.  During that game the party (myself and three others) were kidnapped an knocked out.  When we woke up not only had we been horribly mutilated in the terms of grafts being placed on us but we suddenly had more abilities, ie we were suddenly gestalt.  I’m thinking that, at some point, the two gods pushing the group through this journey will give them this new class once the realize the hardships facing them.  So it’s essentially out of mercy and fear that they’ll fail in the quest.  All I know is that it has to be before they hit the dessert.

Anywho, here is the info and the books they appear in just in case anyone is curious or doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Then again most of this is self explanatory.

Olympic Creatures

Basilisk (MM), Centaur (MM), Chimera (MM), Cockatrice (MM), Cyclops (Deities and Demigods), Dragon (MM, Draconomicon, etc), Dryad (MM), Faun (Deities and Demigods), Gorgon (MM), Griffin (MM), Harpy (MM), Hippogriff (MM), Hydra (MM), Medusa (MM), Minotaur (MM, MM2, Underdark), Nightmare (MM), Nymph (MM), Pegasus (MM), Roc (MM), Satyr (MM), Sirine (MM), Sphinx (MM, Sandstorm), Sprite (MM), Titan (MM), Unicorn (MM)

Asgardian Creatures

Elf, Drow, Dragon (MM), Dwarf, Duerger, Einherjar (Deities and Demigods), Giants (MM), Valkyries (Deities and Demigods)

Reoccurring Baddie

Wild Hung (MM5)

Other Creatures

Dwarf Ancestor (MM4), Ghost (MM), Glaistig (MM3), Gnoll (MM), Goblin (MM), Joystealer (MM4), Kelpie (Fiend Folio), Lillend (MM), Lunar Ravager (MM4), Lycanthrope (MM), Fossergrim (Fiend Folio), Mirage Mullah (Sandstorm), Naga(Oriental Adventure, Night Hag (MM), Nixie (MM), Ogre (MM), Orc (MM), Pixie (MM), Ragewalker (MM3), Redcap (MM3), Rusalka (Frostburn), Rimfire Eidolon & Rimfire Witch (Frostburn), Ruin Chanter (MM5), Shaedling (MM5), Skeleton (MM), Treant (MM), Troll (MM), Verdant Prince (MM4), Wight (MM), Will O’ Wisp (MM), Yuan-Ti (MM4),Zombie (MM)

Story Rumors/Hooks

**The players must search for a lost temple of Heimdall and take his Gjallahorn before it can be blown, though they are just told to get to the horn(hoping one character will blow it, lol). The temple is nothing more than an old watchtower in the middle of a city ruin. The Gjallahorn is at the top of the tower and is guarded Dwarf Ancestors, sworn to keep the Gjallahorn from anyone but Heimdall.**

**Farmers and innocent passerbys have been attacked, by what appear to be elves, during cloudless nights, only a few managing to escape with their lives. The small town is starting to accuse their elven population and a threat of a mob is growing. The players must find out what is happening! (Lunar Ravager)**

**Check out sample encounter for Verdant Prince. Oath is that the party must bring him the ritual short spear housed in a near by temple of Athena. The Clerics are destroying the surrounding forest and, to strike a deal with them, the Verdant Prince wishes to have the short spear as a bargaining chip.**

A bandit gang preys on wounded and weary adventurers as they straggle down the road.

A gigantic egg appeared in the town square last night. No one knows what might hatch out of it, but it’s going to happen soon.

Whenever ravens gather on the clock tower, a mighty hero dies

They say that if you listen long enough to the water lapping against the shore near the statue of Poseidon, you will hear the name of an innocent person you are fated to kill.

The city was built on ground consecrated to a forgotten god (Thanatos). Demons and undead are common in the city. The remaining cultists are slowly working to corrupt all other churches /shrines from within.

The city has dealt with a recent famine or shortage. Prices of food, or whatever is in short supply, remain high. The government is looking for adventurers to find new supply or a magical solution.

The city was the site of a religious war and members of the losing faction are persecuted and harassed to this day. Members of the losing faction are advocating violent overthrow of the dominant church.


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