I’m Still Alive

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Gaming, Life
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I’ve just been busy.  With a mix of D&D stuff going on, a holiday weekend, helping Cantropos and Dame Gris move, and trying to help Grendal and his father get a wood working business up an running, I just haven’t been able to get on here and ramble on about nothing.  While there won’t be any D&D playing tomorrow I am managing to meet up with my group to get them started on character creation and explain things a bit more thoroughly for them.

To keep myself sane through all of this I’ve been dinking around with the Sims 2 games that I have.  I got my original discs back so I could reinstall them and fix it all, which means new characters!  Since I’ve been on an ancient deities bend I continued my dorkiness into creating a family of Sims based on some of the primordial deities.  So I have Gaia (mother), Chaos (father), Eros (uncle/sibling/eldest child), Nyx (only daughter), Erebus (second son), and Tatarus (the youngest boy).  🙂  Of course I decide to take pictures of all of this and followed suit with other Sim players out there and made a story.  😀

Clicky for a Sims 2 story! Seriously, I’m not that funny when it comes to my comments but these sims are wonky.  I love Tartarus the most right now.  >w<  He makes the best faces.


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