Why Yes, Atlus, You Do Own My Soul

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Gaming
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I’m such a sucker for Atlus games, if you haven’t figured it out by now. *coughMegaTencough*  Persona 3 Portable came out yesterday and lil’ ol’ me is going out to pick up my copy at some point today.  Its bad because I haven’t finished the original copies of the game and I know for sure that I should go through and finish Persona 3 FES so I can get the after story done with as well.  I think the major thing that is stopping me is the fact that I beat Persona 4 before that one and saw the awesomeness that was P4’s battle system.  Luckily P3P has that battle system so it’s all good!  Hopefully.  Another big complaint on my end is Yukari.  😐  I didn’t like her character at all and I found it hard to get past her.  Seriously, I would rarely have her in the party unless I was floundering in a boss battle and realized that she could probably help.

The other reason why I’m interested in beating this version is because of the optional female protagonist! This makes me so freakin’ happy!  I am a sucker for female characters and always gravitate to them first and foremost, which seems to annoy Grendal when it comes to fighting games.  I can’t help it….I prefer the speedy little characters that don’t pack much power behind their punch but can hit you so fast you’re like ‘Wtf?’  But yes, female MC rather then male which means a few of the social links of the game will be altered.  Apparently if you max out the Moon SL the character, Shinjiro Aragaki, will go into a coma rather than die like he had in the original game.  It’s a little annoying but I suppose the fans of that character and the pairing of him and the female MC will be happy.  Me?  I’m pairing her up with Akihiko if I can! 😀  I adored him from the get go, I don’t know why.  By Persona 4, though I think I figured it out when I realized my favorite character was Kanji Tatsumi …..its the silvery white hair and the tough guy attitude.

But yeah, Atlus owns my soul as do the makers of the Shin Megami Games.  Now, if you don’t mind me I’ll go drink me some coffee, re-read my Persona 4 fanfics(zomg, I can’t believe I wrote smut, rofl), and play the waiting game.


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