Trying to be Productive

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Life

It seems like July is just a hectic month.  With the holiday weekend, going out of town a few weekends, and a bonfire it seems like I can’t catch my breath.  So I’m still running around in the real world but nothing much to report that would be interesting.  I’m still trying to write that novel of mine (1o chapters typed up!!) and the game is going to be starting this Sunday, which will be great!

So, I guess what I’m saying is this: I’m alive, nothing all that spectacular has happened so far but gaming will proceed this weekend so I’ll have stuff to talk about!

  1. Spring says:

    Nothing interesting? You had a bonfire! That makes everything interesting. Was it for the 4th or were you celebrating for fun or were you having a bonfire for the hell of it?

    God, you can tell I don’t get out much, heh.

    • chibivega says:

      The bonfire was just for fun. Grendal and I do this so we can keep in touch with people we don’t see normally. The only downside is clean up. :p

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