Back In Town

Posted: July 18, 2010 in DnD, Life
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I literally got back in town an hour ago.  XP  I was up in the Chicago area with Grendal and his parents for something called ‘The Midwest Fiber Fest’…..or something.  It’s pretty much a yarn convention for those who love to knit and what not.  They had some stuff for jewelry making and spinning your own stuff.  I even noticed a loom on sale.  Now, I never got into knitting or crocheting.  Oddly enough it seemed to be a huge fad within the college group (around here anyway) about 3 years ago and some people are still doing it.  I do think it’s cool and I’ve watched a friend turn plain ol’ yarn into a nifty scarf.  Wandering around with Grendal we found a poncho/shawl looking thing as well as this poofy hat and scarf.  The patterns were on sale and since I was ogling them Grendal bought the patterns and told me to try it.  The woman said it shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner but I should have someone I can turn to if I need help.  This means I’m employing either my mother or Grendal’s mother to help.

The one odd thing that happened was within the first minute we stepped into the seller’s area.  I spotted a woman in a kimono and my spider sense went off.  I dragged Grendal over there and we were both drooling over some handmade pottery, done in a traditional Japanese style.  Grendal and I love the Japanese culture and history.  Hell, for a while there I was looking into majoring in Japanese history and teaching it on a college level(still thinking about it) but I can’t manage it just yet.  Anywho, back on track.  We were looking at the cups and tea sets when I noticed that they had cards out.  I snagged one thinking that I’d just hold onto it and hopefully it wouldn’t get eaten by my purse like everything else.  I checked the card for the website and noticed that they had their location on it.  This guy and his wife live about 15 minutes away from Grendal and I.  I tweaked out, showed Grendal, and then we had a good conversation with the couple while purchasing a few things and Grendal commissioning a coffee mug to be made.  With these two so close we plan on heading to their house to pick up our item in August and, more than likely, buy more things. lol

The weekend seemed rather long, though we didn’t do much.  I have the game starting later tonight and I need to whip up some stats on monsters and a few npcs.  If my group moves like they usually do then we shouldn’t get too far but its better to be safe then sorry so I need to gather my info.

Until then, I need some rest.

  1. Spring says:

    It DOES seem like crocheting and knitting are all the rage these days. When I first picked up crocheting–er, something like 14 years ago–it didn’t seem like anyone else was doing it. The great thing about coming back to relearn it is now that it’s popular, there are TONS of books out there.

    Good luck with your game. I hope to read about it. Our own game was cancelled last week, so I need a bit of a D&D fix. 🙂

    Until then…rest up!

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