Rage of the Ancient Gods, 5

Posted: July 23, 2010 in DnD
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Eros was nervous.  Even hidden under a glamor and beneath dusty clothes he could be found out, if people knew what to look for.  It had been many, many years since he had taken form and walked amongst humans.  Ever since the worship of Aphrodite his image in the eyes of humans had been altered.  The wanton woman had produced a son much akin to himself: a winged being with a power over love and beauty.  Eros, much to his own delight, drew upon the more animalistic facets of love and could easily out shine the blond child, but he had been cast aside like the other Protogenoi.  Now this impostor was running around claiming authority in such things while still a child.

Might as well have a little fun,’ Eros thought with a smile.  He pulled down the hood of his cloak, hiding his face with even deeper shadows as he snaked through the crowded streets of Pythiria.  The temple of Cupid was within sight as were the boy god’s followers.  As he grew closer Eros could feel the power that the deity wielded, even though only his spirit was present.  Eros knew that what he was about to do would only cause anger and battle between the Protogenoi and the Olympians but they had their hands full with Zeus’s problems….there would be no need to listen to a boy god’s complaints.

Eros stepped over the threshold of Cupid’s temple and steadied himself against the sudden force of the god’s power.  He could see the shadow of the god flitting about, his movements betraying the fact that he was nervous.  Eros slipped into a throng of followers and clerics alike, and let himself be jostled around in the group’s merriment.  He met the stone eyes of Cupid’s statue, waiting to see them flicker with life as the boy god’s shadow entered it.  Eros heard the first gasp of surprise from one of the followers as the blue eyes shimmered with existence.  At that moment Eros removed the gloves from his hands and took hold of the people on either side of him.  Within a heartbeat the power Eros had spread through out the mob, causing those within the throng were quickly giving in to the temptation of flesh and leaving Eros standing alone and staring at the statue of Cupid.

‘How dare you!’

You take credit for my work, boy; they will think nothing of this.’ Eros thought with a smile.

You will pay…

The Olympians are occupied with their troubles, as are the Asgards.  Let us Protogenoi try and fix what you have ruined once again.’  Eros left the temple, ignoring the angry threats that echoed in his mind from the young god.  He could sense the ones Lachesis had instructed him to find.  They were an odd group and what worried him even more was that one of the chosen had to be retrieved from his home.  He had been guaranteed that all he had to do was get the group to meet and point them in the right direction.  Then the Sisters would take control along with a Goddess of the Asgards.  Eros had been surprised that one of the Asgards agreed to help but it seemed reasonable that not everyone would want the end to come.

Eros maneuvered through the crowded street heading towards the center of the city where the oracles and prophets were.  Those around him paid little attention to the cloaked man they say; he appeared to be nothing more than a blind oracle himself.  The moment he came close to an oracle he placed a hand on them and whispered his message.  Eros could see the glow in the oracle’s eye and the shock on their face as they realized they had heard the voice of a god.  He continued doing this as he moved past every oracle and prophet.

Now I wait.


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