Is This Possible?

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Life
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I’ve mentioned before that I’m writing a novel of sorts.  Well, I’m almost up to 100 pages type and this is the longest thing I’ve written EVER.  It makes me happy because this is what I want my debut novel to be.  I still have tons of work ahead of me, but I’ve been wanting to get something published for 10+ years now.

Anywho, one thing I always do is imagine what would happen if my novel got published as was a smash hit.  It’s just something to boost my ego and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s done it.  Its never been more then “Oo, this would be awesome as a movie….especially this part!” but today I was messing around with creating Sims when something struck me.  If this was a smash hit then it would be safe to think that people would start paring off characters.  Well, I have things set between two character though it’s not a romantic relationship.  The character Nikolai is obsessed with the main character, Emmett.  Nikolai is a magic user and can sense it in other; Emmett has a rather large amount of magic resting inside of him.  This causes Nikolai to want to be around him, follow him, etc.  Being a fangirl myself I know how things could go.  Oddly enough….it doesn’t seem too bad.  I mean, the thought of people taking the relationship between the two to that length isn’t bad and with the character Nikolai is based off of(another gaming character) it is within him to take the obsession too far.  HA!

That’s Emmett and Nikolai below. >:3  I should get a better picture of Nikolai…..he has the prettiest eyes(managed to get a color that matches my description!)

  1. Spring says:

    Wow, 100 pages?! I’m impressed. I’ve NEVER written that much.

  2. chibivega says:

    In November it’ll be the year mark for this story. I’ve never spent so much time on one piece, but I’m happy.

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