Who’s a Dork?

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Gaming
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Oh yeah, that would be me.  🙂

The Alan Wake DLC, The Signal, was released yesterday and I must say I enjoyed every second.  I need to go through and do some looking around to get everything I need but I’m not surprised.  My only complaint?  I want more.  This raised more questions and made me all jittery because it’s a cliff hanger.  I’m not upset with that fact, just that I don’t have more. TT^TT

In other dorky news, I made me an Alan Wake Sim. :B  I’m goin’ all out(as much as I can anyway) with this guy.  I’m trying to make it look like Alan Wake/Ilkka Villi (who is a hotty, in my opinion, and I need to track down some of his stuff), but its nuts.  I’ve seen some modders make some Sims look spot on, but my guy isn’t there yet. :<  Ah well.  To continue with me being a dork, I shall show you a slightly shopped image of SimAlan! 😀  All I altered was lighting, added the loverly light flare, and a slight tweak of his neck so it didn’t look so wonky.  @_@  If I ever get his face just right, I may show it but not now.

  1. Spring says:

    Damn, I never keep up with stuff. I was wondering who Alan Wake was, Googled it, and realized it was a game. And a damn good-looking one, at that! Remind me to crawl out from under my rock sometime, lol.

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