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Posted: August 11, 2010 in Life
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I think I’ve always been a bit of a nerd/geek.  It started out with theater and choir before evolving into a love that has been there for YEARS: gaming.  I know I’ve gone on about being a nerdy gamer chick before but this is at the forefront of my mind because of a family gathering last night.  My elder sister is a science teacher for a nearby middle school and, thus, has evolved into a bit of a nerd.  Not to sound mean but I think its inevitable when a person becomes a teacher of a specific area.  If I had continued my venture into becoming a history teacher I would be a history nerd, and I still am but a minor one(more focused on Hawai’ian and Japanese history though).

Well I made a comment to my sister (lets call her Mākonā[for those of you who know Hawai’ian or look this up, hush I know what it means and it fits]) that its weird hearing nerd/geek humor come out of her.  Her response was that she’s always been nerdy, even back in high school.  I told her that it wasn’t how I saw it and she just said I didn’t see the real her.  Now, let me paint the picture of what both Mākonā and myself were like back in high school!

Mākonā was the pitcher for the softball team and did a little bit of acting in theater(I think about 2 plays).  She surrounded herself with the jocks and what not because she was a social butterfly.  She was never hard pressed for a boyfriend(dated one of the guys from the football team) and was constantly going out with her friends.  She worked on her class’s float for homecoming.  While I was in middle school I had the opportunity to usher one of the plays she was in(couldn’t because of insurance) and Mākonā told me she’d take me to the cast party where there would be smoking and drinking, both of which I could partake in because she was doing the same.  EVERYONE knew who she was and, for two years, knew me only as Mākonā’s little sister.

When I hit high school I was on the softball team for half a year my freshman year and that was it.  I built a home for myself in the theater because I got along with one of the instructors.  My sister was out of high school my junior year so I was left to ‘fend’ for myself.  I made a friend with a guy 2 years higher then myself who had also been a friend of Mākonā’s.  This guy became my big brother and had agreed to watch over me.  Because of that I joined his social group: the freaks, punks, goths, and stoners.  To be honest, I fit in(I did dress like them after joining but come to find out darker tones look better on me, lol)!  These kids were open minded, fun loving, and closely knit which was what I wanted.  I began my theater/choir career with a few of them but my social group didn’t extend past these 20 people.  I never went out with them to ‘party.’  Instead I stayed at home to read and play video games.  I was content seeing them at school and I was more than happy roaming the halls going unnoticed by my fellow students with random hellos from my friends and the teachers who enjoyed my presence in class.

There is another thing: my sister was a straight A student while I was struggling with grades and clinical depression.  I was also teased constantly until my big brother took care of it before leaving school(my junior and senior year were teasing free!).  To put it simply, I was Daria while my sister was Quinn(look up the show Daria to figure it out).

Today it seems to be the ‘in’ thing to be considered a nerd to a certain point.  But being a straight A student and a lover of science and/or math doesn’t make a person nerdy/geeky.  Hell, I knew a cheerleader who was in the top of the class. :\

Okay, back on topic now!  I will not deny the fact that Mākonā is NOW a nerd and it makes me happy to a certain point.  Then I stop and think about what could have happened.  I blame today’s media….seriously, her favorite show is Big Bang Theory which is the crowning achievement of mainstream nerddom.  Then again, there are some things they mention in the show that she can’t grasp but Grendal and I can understand without an issue but that’s because we watch way too much NatGeo and History Channel(we started referring to the specialists on The Universe by their last name, and we knew who the other was talking about).  Mākonā’s life is no where near what it had been in high school.  All of her friends are off in their own lives and she has a family of her own, leaving her with only a few friends she gathered from either college or my brother in law( a mini gamer nerd himself).

I guess it seems like I’m tooting my own horn when it comes to the extent of my nerdiness but I think I need to.  My relationship with Mākonā has been rocky for most of my life.  Since she is the eldest and first born, she was doing things first and always seemed to take over things I always wanted to do.  For years I wanted to be a teacher and she was looking into a medical career.  Suddenly she’s becoming a teacher without warning. 😐  She had never shown interest in teaching before.  For years now the whole ‘nerd’ area had been mine and mine alone but now Mākonā is muscling in on my territory.  I seriously think I suffer from Middle Child Syndrome sometimes. 😦  That’s all I need, right?

I shouldn’t worry, though.  Grendal, my ever present voice of reason and reality, has told me that on the nerd scale she’s pretty low and it is because that nerds are a bit of an ‘it’ thing at the moment.  That’s why I love my nerdy boy. 😉  So yeah….my bitch fest about my elder sister and her delusions of nerddom is over with.  I just gotta tell myself that I’m the reigning nerd of the family and everything will be fine.



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