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Posted: August 17, 2010 in Life
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Okay, not really but I do have pictures of my day at Bristol….but not many.  Never the less, this is a picture heavy post.

Grendal was the driver. I swear, I took a bunch of pictures of us in the car and this was what ever shot of him looked like…except with a different background.  He’s an odd bird.

He’s giving me the ol’ stink eye because of the pictures I took.  He’s not much of a camera lover, and neither am I, but I was the one manning the camera so he had no choice.

Adam Winrich was there again this year.  His show never gets old and he has wonderful stage presence!

I was surprised I got this shot, but I was freakin’ happy!  My camera is kinda crappy so it made it that much better. 😀

I missed the fireball but I thought this was a nifty shot still.

Shot of the whip on fire.  This was what the crowd was waiting for, lol.

Almost missed this lady! Grendal and I were wandering around the shops and passed by the bench she was sitting on.  If it wasn’t for me noticing the small crowd I would have never have looked at her.  She was amazing! Beautiful make-up and she kept still for a while too!  The kids running around were just amazed by her. >w<

And here is a better shot of her face!

Grendal stole the camera from me after a point and took a few pictures of yours truly.  If it wasn’t for his demands and grumbling this picture wouldn’t be up.  Yet, you get to see the nifty ear pieces I bought!  I saw so  many people walking around with demon horns, cat ears, and elf ears but no one had dragon fins for ears!  I found the shop selling these things and snatched them up after some debate.  I choose red because of Merrick.  Grendal thought I would’ve picked one of the blue ones because my sea elf, Odessa, has finned ears like these.  I told him that I’d pick those up next year, which I will!  I’ve been wearing these ears around for a while now too.  They’re comfy!  I plan on going as a humanoid Merrick next year.  Have a little bit of red face paint, these ears, my finished dress, and a lot of shiny things for my traveling hoard!  Grendal wants me to design Merrick’s symbol and hand out to people, claiming they are now part of my hoard(which she did in the game).

Grendal got himself a horn!  I was trying to get him to buy a drinking horn but then we both figured that wouldn’t be too much of a good idea.  Cleaning those things seem like they’d be a pain.  On the neighboring wall they had these blowing horns.  He’s wanted one for a while and since we had saved up money for the trip there was no reason not to buy it.  The guy manning the shop gave Grendal some tips on how to blow it, and now he’s a happy guy…..and enjoys freaking out the pets.  One reason he’s happy is because he’s been hoping to have a viking outfit for the fair one of these years.  Our group of friends refer to Grendal as a viking, mainly because he LOVES winter up here and wants to go further north for better winters.  This makes me believe he was a Viking in a past life, and he likes that idea.

Blarg. On the camera this looked like a beautiful shot, but since this thing is a POS it decided to focus on the building behind the Spider Fairy(not sure if that’s what she’s called but its what Grendal calls her).  We saw her webs before she wandered into the clearing.  This lady does a lot of work and, again, the kids love her.  She hands out ‘fairy bracelets’ which are made up of her twine and some little charms she either makes or finds. 🙂

Here is one of the 4 pillars she made.  There was also a canopy that went between a few trees.  Its pretty nifty.

A good shot of her!

Here is one of the 2 autumn fairies that was hanging out around the trees.  She was playing with the children and even a child in a stroller.  It was cute and she was having a hell of a time.

I swear she wasn’t trying to kick the baby or knock the stroller over, it just looks that way(Grendal loves this shot).  The baby loved this fairy and who was mimicking his movements.  He waved his hands, she did the same.  This shot the baby was raising its foot and, well, she did the same.  The shot is just hilarious and the moment was sweet.

Here is the other autumn fairy.  She was putting flowers and leaves in the hair of some of the little girls running around.  I almost got a nice shot of her face but she spotted me and came at me……to poke at my dragon ears.  It was very odd but she was in character and those around us found it pretty funny.

Another shot of her and her outfit.  There was a faun running around with them but by the time I got my camera out he had DISAPPEARED.  We didn’t seem him again, which is odd and funny.  The sad thing, though, was it wasn’t the same faun we saw a few years ago.  This guy was on these weird stilt like things that was made up to look like actual faun legs(reverse joint and all).  He had make up to give him the flattened nose and contacts to give him goat eyes.  Never got a shot of him which is sad, but the guy freaked me out.

Last shot I got of the day.  Funny thing is, she is on the building where I got my dragon ears.  Grendal and I were going to take another look at the shop when we spotted her lounging on the sign.  It was pretty cool and I’m not sure how many people spotted her. 🙂

The day was great but tiring because of the walking.  We bought some cool things too.  The only sad bit was the fact that Renny and Gigs weren’t able to join us, which they had wanted to.  Ah well, they can come out with us next year.

  1. Spring says:

    These are some great pictures! I love the autumn fairy. And I could totally see Grendal as a Viking.

  2. kiwidutch says:

    I think that I like the whip on fire and the lady as a marble statue the best, but all the photos were brilliant (who cares if you didn’t get the fireball, you got the rest just fine!)
    and the building in the background of the last fire shot-wonderful too… this is in Bristol UK then? I’m enjoying reading your posts 🙂

    • chibivega says:

      Thanks for the compliments! I’m always a little worried about my shots because the camera isn’t what it used to be. Actually its a RenFair in Wisconsin named after Bristol UK, if I remember correctly. The Fair is supposed to represent a specific year where Queen Elizabeth visited the town, but don’t quote me on that(I lost my little pamphlet and the website tells me nothing).

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