Starting Something New

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Life
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This may sound odd, but yesterday was the last day (hopefully) that I used shampoo and conditioner.  Before anyone goes, ‘Ew, your hair will look and probably smell like crap’  I’ve looked all this stuff up and found some very useful info as well as a lot of other people doing this.  I’ve talked Grendal into trying this experiment with me, so here’s to hoping our hair doesn’t rebel against us since, well, we both have hair down to the middle of our backs. 😮  I’ll probably follow suit with others and take pictures of my hair as well as Grendal’s to track progress.  Plus it gives me something to do!

Can’t really explain much about it, but here are a few links(though it seems like they mooched the info off each other) that I saw about the whole thing incase anyone still thinks I’m bonkers:

Letters to the Editor- Info: Shampoo Free

A Non-Toxic, Frugal Way To Wash Your Hair Without Buying Shampoo

How To Clean Your Hair Without Shampoo

LiveJournal ‘No-‘Poo’ Community


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