Good Housewife

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Life

Even though I’m not a wife, Grendal says I’m being a good housewife.  XD  I take no offense to the statement, though I may have 10 years ago(hot damn, that made me feel old even though I’m not).  I’ve been cooking, cleaning, and doin’ laundry around the house the past few days even while juggling playing Halo: Reach!

Today was filled with more cooking!  The first day of autumn can’t go by without special foods.  While the main bit of dinner won’t be all that special, some seasoned fish, it’s the side dish and the dessert that I am most proud of!  I’ve made a nice blackberry pie that Grendal is excited to try out because he’s a fiend for blackberries.  It’s been years since I’ve baked a pie but here’s to hoping it turned out right.  The side dish is a squash and apple bake.  Again, something I’ve never tried but it’ll be a nice addition and it’ll hopefully get that autumn weather here quicker.

Other than that not much else has been going on.  Saturday night Grendal and I had dinner with my parents and younger sister as a birthday celebration(my sister turned 23 on Monday and I’m turning 26 on Friday).  It was nice and I didn’t leave feelin’ crabby.

But yeah…..nothin’ to report.  Now, if you don’t mind I’ll be off to check on my dinner.


  1. Spring says:

    I had my first apple pie just last week, if you can believe it. And it was DELICIOUS. I’ve never had blackberries, but it sounds good. Do blackberries have a lot of seeds or anything weird like that?

    • chibivega says:

      They’re like raspberries, so yeah…bunches of little seeds to get stuck in your teeth. :p It was good, though.

      My first apple pie was only 2 years ago, so it isn’t too weird. lol.

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