Oh the Mutilation

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Life

I know, I’ve been gone for a while but life is hectic.  I’ve been searching for a job but the market up here sucks even if the ‘kids’ have all gone back to school.  Right now I have 200$ to my name but I’m lucky enough to have Grendal and his supportive parents watching over me.  Grendal and his father have been doing some projects and makin’ a little bit of money.  They just finished their 2nd out of 3, which is an 8ft tall bookcase for a family member in Chicago.  That means we have to go out there this weekend and give it to them, after lugging it up two flights of stairs to the apartment(it’s in 2 pieces so it isn’t too bad).  After that they’re making a bar for Grendal’s older brother.  Here’s to hoping that the people will spread the word so this wood working business can get off the ground.  That and hopefully they can get a website up  and running to let the people of the interweb know about it. XD

I’ve been doing battle with some depression because of my lack of a job but Grendal is there to help lift my spirits.  I’ve also been slowly working on hemp/macrame necklaces and what not, and I’m trying to make some simple chandelier earrings.  If I ever get decent at this I may see if people are willing to purchase them for cheap.  Right now money is money, and I have a future bill looming over my head that makes me worry.

To add on to the problems that township has decided that our street finally needs ‘proper’ pluming and sewage.  So our street and the street next to us are going to be ripped apart so all of that can be done.  The bad thing is that the property has to have a lot of the trees torn down so the pipes can be laid.  Grendal has/had a beautiful yard.  Lots and lots of trees, making it a perfect place for bonfires and spooky Halloweens.  Now with the trees torn down on one of the tree lines it lost that spooky factor.  Sure the yard looks bigger but it doesn’t have that nice, woodsy feel.  To make matters worse it’s going to cost about 16k to hook up both properties to the systems.  :\  Looks like we’re staying with well water for now.

But yeah, things aren’t all that bad.  Not this coming weekend but the weekend after will be the 6 year mark for Grendal and I.  It’s pretty amazing and we still love each other.  We act more like little kids(okay, I act like a little kid) than the adults we’re supposed to be so I think that is what keeps our relationship healthy.  That and the fact we support each other.

Okay.  That’s it for the update!  I have some work to do and I’ll hopefully be back later.


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