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Time Skip

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yeah. 3 years without much of anything and I wander back here. Leaving this blog here for my own sake and if any humble reader wishes to see more of the same, I have another blog I have started. My life is in some form of order and I will ramble about it at the following:

Viking, Spells, and Coffee Beans



Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had entered a small little contest, here on wordpress, that was held by a blogger by the name of Kiwidutch.  To put it plain and simple, she is very annoyed when people post in the forums “Read my blog!” and then don’t describe what their blog is about.  I can understand and thought it would be nice to enter her little contest.  The prize was a review of the blog on her own blog, which gets a lot hits it seems, and thus get some hits yourself.

I didn’t win, congrats to the guy who did, but I did get a little mini review. 😀  She said the following:

chibivega in her blog “One of the Guys, An account of a chick’s time as one of the guys and keeping up with life” is an insight into being a Gal in a very non-Girlie pass-time, Computer Gaming. She gets her kicks, punches and shots quite literally out of the computer or TV and will either kick your butt or talk tactics if you wish to take her on.

Kiwi’s Conclusions:  Naturally she has her gentle side too.. and like all good action hero’s and heroines, a sidekick too. Hers is called Grendal and we are all sure he’s a secret Viking in disguise. Being a Chick in the mostly male dominated genre of Gaming probably means that sometimes you have to muscle up to hold your own. Even to someone as Gaming illiterate as me, it’s instantly clear from her posts that she knows her stuff and probably has no problem blasting past much of the opposition. Her WordPress theme suits her blog perfectly. Ka-Bam! she’s good!

Made me happy to get that much!  She has other such reviews for the other participants and a nice big review for the winner, Ramblings From a Bass Fishing Enthusiast.

So yeah. Happy, happy.  In other news, I’m off to the doctor tomorrow to have my ears checked out.  Don’t need another ear infection.


Posted: August 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I swear I’m a live, just busy.  I’ll post some form of update ASAP.  To make me happy, here is the newest picture of SimMe cowering in fear of something.  It was either this or the one where I’m ‘casting’ a spell.

Here are the bare bones of the upcoming Ancient Trifles game.  Pretty much just a rough idea of monsters and side story hooks.  Grendal has asked if the group could be gestalt (two classes at once) and I will admit that it is tempting.  I’ve agreed to allow it, though I am taking a note from one of his earlier games.  During that game the party (myself and three others) were kidnapped an knocked out.  When we woke up not only had we been horribly mutilated in the terms of grafts being placed on us but we suddenly had more abilities, ie we were suddenly gestalt.  I’m thinking that, at some point, the two gods pushing the group through this journey will give them this new class once the realize the hardships facing them.  So it’s essentially out of mercy and fear that they’ll fail in the quest.  All I know is that it has to be before they hit the dessert.

Anywho, here is the info and the books they appear in just in case anyone is curious or doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Then again most of this is self explanatory. (more…)