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Yeah, Easter has come and gone.  I usually spend time with Grendal and his extended family during the holidays, though I do hang out with my family for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Saddly this year Grendal and I weren’t able to attend the family get together becasue he wasn’t feeling well.  Besides, it’s more of a child’s holiday than anything else.  I celebrated in my own fashion, with games of course!  I had the religious thing down thanks to Dante’s Inferno(finally got it, and the Divine Edition no less!!) and then the rising from the dead shebang with Left 4 Dead 2.  I know that it probably sounds bad that I did that, but I’m not part any form of the Judeo-Christian religions.  While I do love getting in to religious talks and debates, I’ll just keep this short: I am Pagan.  Take that as you will; you worship your deity and I worship mine.

Anywho, I saw Clash of the Titans on friday!  I’ve seen the ’81 version and barely remember it, but I did notice that a lot of things were changed for this reimaging.  This is one of those movies that you have to watch with no regard to the first because they really can’t compare.  In all honesty only two things really bothered me about the movie: the lack of the Gods interacting with each other and the introduction of Io.  I can let the interaction of the Gods slide because some people wouldn’t find that interesting and it would screw up the flow of action.  But Io?  The movie presented her as another demi-god and eventual love interest for Perseus.  😐  Who to the what now?  Io was one of Zesus’ many women and was eventually turned into a freakin’ cow!  I won’t go into the details/rant of the entire thing, but they TOTALLY fucked that up.

But yeah, good movie!  Worth a watch if you can disconnect it from the 81 version.

Renny has finally begun to play Dragon Age.  I’ve loaned him my copy since I just need to use the Awakening disc now.  He’s enjoying it and I’ve given him a list of mods to get him started, though it was kind of rough to get it working.  I told him he needed to read everything the creators put down, I even wrote that same statement down on the list of mods to look at.  What happens?  He has a mod refuse to work because he didn’t read the part where he had to have a compatability file as well(it’s fixed now).  We’ve talked over text about the game but the moment we’re in person Renny begins talking only to Grendal.  Grendal did try to get me in the conversation after noticing, since I’m the only one that has beat it so far, but Renny seemed intent on only talking to him.  I debated about saying something but didn’t; I swear I’ll say something one of these days.  Grendal feels bad but doesn’t know what to do, but it’s my problem and I’ll do something…..even if it means getting mean, since it does annoy the crap out of me.

Other than that not much has happened in my life.  Gaming is going on as usual, a new quarter of school has started, and the countdown for the Halo: Reach beta has begun!


Yesterday was fun, though a little disappointing at the same time.  I tried my hand at making something in Halo’s Forge for the first time.  It was kick ass and I made a game mode for it too.  We get together with Renny and Gigs to play and we hop into, what I deem, Goblin City…..and it’s fucked up.  The lights weren’t working and I was like “What the fuck?”  We messed around with some of things but come to find out, only one person can be on the screen to play it properly.  I was obviously upset but the guys made me feel better by saying it looked awesome and it sucked that we couldn’t play it.  Grendal told me later that Halo just couldn’t contain my awesomeness.  🙂  I love my Grendal!

So, after messing around with a wee bit of Halo3(Living Dead weekend, yo!) and then Perfect Dark, we decided to make dinner and watch a movie.  What movie, you say?  Well, the most awesome of childhood movies: The Dark Crystal!  Renny had never seen and Gigs owned a DVD copy, which is much better than Grendal’s VHS, and we watched it.  It put Gigs and I in the mood to watch Labyrinth, but we can’t watch it next week because we’ll be off watching Clash of Titans!  Freakin’ sweet!!!

I had to uninstall, reinstall, and delete some stuff from my Sims2 stuff to get it working properly.  There were issues of jumping/stuttering Sims and the fact that they couldn’t change their clothes.  Turns out that I had outdated and copys of some mods and after hours of fuckin’ around with the stuff, I fixed it.  Saddly, the sims I made of my friends and myself died. 😦  As well as some sweet looking shirts I made.  I’m currently rebuilding myself and those shirts, so I might have some updated shot of Smish me!

Renny finally tried out a little of Dragon Age, thanks to Gigs having his copy on him.  Renny liked it, though he was reluctant to admit it.  I told him that if his computer can handle it I’ll lend him my copy since all I need is the Awakening disc to run it.  I also promised to give him the mods that I use too….which will prove to be interesting.  I showed him how detailed the moders get, showing him the Natural Bodies All in One mod that modifies the bodies(dur) of the people in the game.  It gets rid of the hideous underwear and gives them a nice look.  Seriously, I would rather have them run around stark naked and boners out in the open then look at that hideous stuff. :p  The other one that might shock him is the Better Sex Scenes mod. OwO  Love it!  But yeah….my mods will make it that much more awesome, if his computer can handle it.

LOL, wut?

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I was looking through the recent Game Informer, sifting through the crap I don’t care about and the stuff that seems interesting and I came across their little calendar for the month of March.  I just kinda glanced over things, giggled at the yellow Elite, and then I noticed they had an image from Clash of the Titans.  Me being the nerdling that I am wanted to see what they had to say about it.  This what they put out:

Hollywood once again rips off a video games idea.  Today’s release[March 26], Clash of the Titans, is basically God of War: The Movie.  Hydra? Seen it.  Minotaur? Boring.  The movie even steals locations, like Athens and Hades, straight from the game.  Shameless.  Just shameless.”

My jaw dropped when I read that.  Now, I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, come on!  Everyone knows that Clash of the Titans is a remake of the ’81 film of the same name….right?  With the leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology since ’81 and with popular media the way it is(there is nothing original anymore), it’s no surprise that there would be similarities with something else.  It irritates me that the person/people claim Clash is a ripoff of GoW, mainly because GoW isn’t too original in and of itself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the hack n’ slash game and the fact that they put in some classic mythology but by the second game it was old news and they could’ve done better.  True, they added a bit of the Zesus myth not many people know about(the fact that history would repeat itself, and the son would kill the father[Zesus destroyed Cronus and Zesus’ son would kill him]) so things aren’t all that bad…..just wish someone would include some of the primordial deities.  I mean they introduced the Moirae, which opens up everything to the likes of Nyx and so many more.  Meh, that’s beside the point.

So, all in all I HIGHLY doubt Clash of the Titans is ripping of God of War.  If anything they would’ve taken things from 300, Gladiator, and what not.  I’m seeing the movie no matter what, because the original kicked ass when I was a kid and Liam Neeson as Zesus?  What can be better then that?  😀