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Its getting chilly outside, which isn’t bad.  It just means I need to get my two leather coats out and hide my sandals so I don’t go prancing outside with them on.

I’ve been helping Grendal and his father with their business.  Don’t know if I mentioned it but they now have a Facebook page for it(Ryall Way Woodworking is the name).  We’ve had one inquiry about canes, which is good, but nothing more.  Take a look at it and if you know people who like handmade wood items, send them thata way!  Seriously.  Grendal’s father had been doing this for 30+ years I believe and Grendal has been working on it for some time himself too.

Speaking of Grendal, he and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday.  Nothing special but we enjoyed ourselves. 😀

Wandering around on Bungie’s website I stumbled on a site called 2Old2Play.  It’s a website for the 25+ year old gamers out there that, well, want to play with other people their age.  The group seems pretty nifty and are all over the place when it comes to what they play.  They’ve been around for some time and do charity work and what not.  Looking forward to playin’ with these folks.  Funny thing is, out of my usual Friday night gaming buddies I’m the only one old enough to join. XD

Oh!  I’m going to be playing Delta Green for a while rather than D&D.  Its in honor of Halloween but I have a feeling this will go on for a little while, which is awesome.  I love Cantropos’ games.  I won’t be able to play my previous character, Nora(a cartographer), but I have an interesting character in mind.  He works for NRO as a System’s Engineer(if Cantropos allows it) if not he’ll be an Intelligence Analyst for either FinCEN or INR.  He’s not gonna be as nutty as Nora but still kind of out there.  And instead of being obsessed with movies(which came in handy) he’ll be all about the computers and games.  I just need a name for the guy.


Well, dinner from two nights ago was something I found online called Marinated Miso Chicken with Pan Sauce. It was yummy but it didn’t look like what it did in the author’s picture.  Then again, I had to do some substitutions and what not. 😐  The one good thing was that Grendal’s father apparently said that if I keep cooking like this, no one will want to eat his food.  That made me feel great but I also felt a little bad…..this is the guy that plays Santa at the family get togethers. D:  But yeah, here be the picture of dinner from two nights ago:

Nothing spectacular.  I was starving and grabbed my camera before diving in, so the presentation isn’t anything special.  Tonight, though, I’m making something called Ganmodoki.  It’s tofu, something that I usually don’t eat but with Grendal’s parents wanting to go vegetarian and eventually vegan I decided to try my hand at tofu meals.  Here’s to hoping it come out okay.

In other news I think my homemade shampoo gave me an allergic reaction of some sort yesterday.  I tried out a new mixture with and I think something in it reacted to my skin.  Oddly enough it didn’t itch and the only way I noticed was because Grendal pointed it out.  Parts of my skin were turning bright red, which made it stand out because I’m a pale little chick, and it looked like I had dried stage blood on me.  I had Grendal take pictures to keep note of it and the marks went away within an hour or so.  I dumped out my newest mixture and made some more, omitting the addition of  rosemary and limiting the amount of powdered cinnamon because those were the newest ingredients and my original ‘recipe’ didn’t have me breaking out.  Besides that my hair is doing great. 🙂  I’m still going through a detox phase and so is Grendal, but he’s not too happy about it. :p  He says he’ll give it another week or so and if things haven’t changed, he’s going back to shampoo.  Me?  I’m stubborn and will try and stick it out a while longer.

On the gaming front things are starting to pick up speed.  The group finally got through the setup of the whole story, in which they got together, tracked down a horn, and then signaled the coming of Ragnarok.  Now they’re tromping off to find a son of Zeus that could over throw the Olympic Pantheon and if all of that goes down alongside Ragnarok, who know what will happen to the mortals.  Yes, the group has disappeared into their first cave and picked up a companion in the form of a wolf cub.  It was a gamble that they’d take it along with them but Grendal’s character took a liking to the pooch and decided to tote it around.  In reality the wolf cub is a juvenile Gold Dragon.  I wasn’t planning on having another dragon companion for the group but Gigs made the comment about this game having another Merrick and I decided to throw in the possibility of another one, albeit one that isn’t just hatching.  I finally have a name for the sucker too: Kalith.  It’s Draconic for courage which fits a Gold Dragon perfectly!

In other gaming news, around Halloween time I’m hoping to take a break so Cantropos can do a little Delta Green game in honor of the spooky holiday! 😀  I love that game and have been itching to play it ever since finding out last Friday was HP Lovecraft’s 120th birthday(or something like that).  Grendal, Dame, and myself are the only ones in the group that have played the game before, besides Cantropos obviously.  Grendal isn’t too fond of the insanity rolls but enjoys the game but Dame just doesn’t like it for some reason.  Gigs and Renny are interested and I think Cantropos would enjoy running the game, especially since he had an idea or two by the end of the night.

Halo Reach stuff is starting flow out, which is making me a happy little gamer.  I’m loving the live action stuff they’re putting out but some other people in the Halo community aren’t too thrilled about it.  Why?  Not enough action and explosions.  Thinking about it I can understand because Halo is an action game.  You run around with all sorts of firearms and destroy the aliens in your path.  Reach, though, is something new.  This is the start of the Human-Covenant war in the series, which means there isn’t much in the way of explosions and outright kick assery(woo, new word).  The first live action thing was pretty much what was happening to different people on Reach the day before the attack happened.  Here’s a copy from youtube:

I don’t think it’s bad.  I mean, people are doing their normal thing which is to be expected.  Everything is hunky dory.  Today Kotaku had a video called ‘Deliver Hope’ up, which is the next live action thing for Halo Reach.  It’s pretty nifty and has the explosions people were hoping for.  My only gripe(big surprise, I have a gripe) is that Kat doesn’t have the mechanical arm like she has in the game.  I can understand not being able to duplicate it, but it just irked me for some odd reason.  Here be the video:

Here is an interesting bit that Kotaku had: “Starting on Aug. 29, the Deliver Hope campaign kicks off for real, with the live-action short hitting a multitude of networks including CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, SyFy, ESPN, F/X, TNT, TBS, Discovery Channel, G4, and more.”  It’ll be nice seeing it on TV and hoping there is more to it. 🙂

Last Friday I watched a ViDoc for the game called “A Spartan Will Rise” with my usual Friday crew.  Grendal made a comment along the lines of “Why is Cortana in this game?”  Listening to the voice over, it was Cortana’s voice but it sounded off in some way and I couldn’t place it.  I had my suspicions but didn’t say anything.  In the end, though, it wasn’t Cortana who was speaking but Dr. Halsey!  I pointed out to the guys that the speech patterns were different between Halsey and Cortana, which would make sense since Cortana is an AI and looks and sounds like her maker(Halsey) but is totally different.  🙂  Holy crap, here be the ViDoc:

So yes, all is well and I’m counting down the days until September 14 so I can get my grubby little paws on that freakin’ game!

Eros was nervous.  Even hidden under a glamor and beneath dusty clothes he could be found out, if people knew what to look for.  It had been many, many years since he had taken form and walked amongst humans.  Ever since the worship of Aphrodite his image in the eyes of humans had been altered.  The wanton woman had produced a son much akin to himself: a winged being with a power over love and beauty.  Eros, much to his own delight, drew upon the more animalistic facets of love and could easily out shine the blond child, but he had been cast aside like the other Protogenoi.  Now this impostor was running around claiming authority in such things while still a child.

Might as well have a little fun,’ Eros thought with a smile.  He pulled down the hood of his cloak, hiding his face with even deeper shadows as he snaked through the crowded streets of Pythiria.  The temple of Cupid was within sight as were the boy god’s followers.  As he grew closer Eros could feel the power that the deity wielded, even though only his spirit was present.  Eros knew that what he was about to do would only cause anger and battle between the Protogenoi and the Olympians but they had their hands full with Zeus’s problems….there would be no need to listen to a boy god’s complaints.

Eros stepped over the threshold of Cupid’s temple and steadied himself against the sudden force of the god’s power.  He could see the shadow of the god flitting about, his movements betraying the fact that he was nervous.  Eros slipped into a throng of followers and clerics alike, and let himself be jostled around in the group’s merriment.  He met the stone eyes of Cupid’s statue, waiting to see them flicker with life as the boy god’s shadow entered it.  Eros heard the first gasp of surprise from one of the followers as the blue eyes shimmered with existence.  At that moment Eros removed the gloves from his hands and took hold of the people on either side of him.  Within a heartbeat the power Eros had spread through out the mob, causing those within the throng were quickly giving in to the temptation of flesh and leaving Eros standing alone and staring at the statue of Cupid.

‘How dare you!’

You take credit for my work, boy; they will think nothing of this.’ Eros thought with a smile.

You will pay…

The Olympians are occupied with their troubles, as are the Asgards.  Let us Protogenoi try and fix what you have ruined once again.’  Eros left the temple, ignoring the angry threats that echoed in his mind from the young god.  He could sense the ones Lachesis had instructed him to find.  They were an odd group and what worried him even more was that one of the chosen had to be retrieved from his home.  He had been guaranteed that all he had to do was get the group to meet and point them in the right direction.  Then the Sisters would take control along with a Goddess of the Asgards.  Eros had been surprised that one of the Asgards agreed to help but it seemed reasonable that not everyone would want the end to come.

Eros maneuvered through the crowded street heading towards the center of the city where the oracles and prophets were.  Those around him paid little attention to the cloaked man they say; he appeared to be nothing more than a blind oracle himself.  The moment he came close to an oracle he placed a hand on them and whispered his message.  Eros could see the glow in the oracle’s eye and the shock on their face as they realized they had heard the voice of a god.  He continued doing this as he moved past every oracle and prophet.

Now I wait.

I literally got back in town an hour ago.  XP  I was up in the Chicago area with Grendal and his parents for something called ‘The Midwest Fiber Fest’…..or something.  It’s pretty much a yarn convention for those who love to knit and what not.  They had some stuff for jewelry making and spinning your own stuff.  I even noticed a loom on sale.  Now, I never got into knitting or crocheting.  Oddly enough it seemed to be a huge fad within the college group (around here anyway) about 3 years ago and some people are still doing it.  I do think it’s cool and I’ve watched a friend turn plain ol’ yarn into a nifty scarf.  Wandering around with Grendal we found a poncho/shawl looking thing as well as this poofy hat and scarf.  The patterns were on sale and since I was ogling them Grendal bought the patterns and told me to try it.  The woman said it shouldn’t be too hard for a beginner but I should have someone I can turn to if I need help.  This means I’m employing either my mother or Grendal’s mother to help.

The one odd thing that happened was within the first minute we stepped into the seller’s area.  I spotted a woman in a kimono and my spider sense went off.  I dragged Grendal over there and we were both drooling over some handmade pottery, done in a traditional Japanese style.  Grendal and I love the Japanese culture and history.  Hell, for a while there I was looking into majoring in Japanese history and teaching it on a college level(still thinking about it) but I can’t manage it just yet.  Anywho, back on track.  We were looking at the cups and tea sets when I noticed that they had cards out.  I snagged one thinking that I’d just hold onto it and hopefully it wouldn’t get eaten by my purse like everything else.  I checked the card for the website and noticed that they had their location on it.  This guy and his wife live about 15 minutes away from Grendal and I.  I tweaked out, showed Grendal, and then we had a good conversation with the couple while purchasing a few things and Grendal commissioning a coffee mug to be made.  With these two so close we plan on heading to their house to pick up our item in August and, more than likely, buy more things. lol

The weekend seemed rather long, though we didn’t do much.  I have the game starting later tonight and I need to whip up some stats on monsters and a few npcs.  If my group moves like they usually do then we shouldn’t get too far but its better to be safe then sorry so I need to gather my info.

Until then, I need some rest.

I’ve mentioned Merrick before and I’ve said that I would explain her story. Well, this is it! (more…)

Here are the bare bones of the upcoming Ancient Trifles game.  Pretty much just a rough idea of monsters and side story hooks.  Grendal has asked if the group could be gestalt (two classes at once) and I will admit that it is tempting.  I’ve agreed to allow it, though I am taking a note from one of his earlier games.  During that game the party (myself and three others) were kidnapped an knocked out.  When we woke up not only had we been horribly mutilated in the terms of grafts being placed on us but we suddenly had more abilities, ie we were suddenly gestalt.  I’m thinking that, at some point, the two gods pushing the group through this journey will give them this new class once the realize the hardships facing them.  So it’s essentially out of mercy and fear that they’ll fail in the quest.  All I know is that it has to be before they hit the dessert.

Anywho, here is the info and the books they appear in just in case anyone is curious or doesn’t know what I’m talking about.  Then again most of this is self explanatory. (more…)

I’ve been slowly working on the list of monsters for my upcoming DnD game.  Looking at it, it seems rather short considering that this game has the potential of reaching ‘epic’ level.  The Deities and Demigods book has some monster ideas for both the Olympian side and about 3 for the Asgards but the list seems to be lacking.  I threw in a bunch of Fae that weren’t mentioned and added in Elves and Dwarfs, including their underdark/subterranean counterparts, mainly due to the fact that Norse myths do mention Dark Elves, so I decided Drow and Deurger would be a great to throw in to the mix.  One thing that I know I’m going to do is have Dragons running about as well as Half-Dragons (still need to really explain Merrick).  I love using them in the game, especially when they’re not necessarily there for the players to fight/kill.  I know there was a race of monsters that Zeus messed with that had like 100 arms and what not(so forgot what they’re called)….Oh! Scratch that, Grendal pulled out the Epic Level Handbook and pointed me to the creature: the Hecatonchires. According to 3ed rules, it’s a CR 57 but Grendal says they could take it out if they ever reached level 30…..which I hope doesn’t happen because that means this will be another year long game. @_@

The BIG thing about this game is the fact that I’m going to be having beings walking around that are the children of some God or Goddess.  I already have the son of Zeus as a major part and I know for a fact that I want to even things out, so I’ll need to read up on the Asgards to figure out a good deity to father or mother a half god. 🙂  Thanks to the Magic of Incarnum I have a neat idea of how the average joe might be able to identify these deity descendants if they’re looking for ’em: glowing eyes, for one, but I can’t think of much else.  I’m thinking sparks or crackling electricity for those descendant from Zeus or Thor.  I know for anyone related to any of the deities of love and beauty would be very charismatic and what not.

I have a lot to do for that game still… make a map and figure out city names. 😐  Luckily we have a few weeks before we start playing, so its all good.

On another note, Futurama’s new episodes aired last night.  I had some good chuckles but its no surprise that it was AS good as the original stuff.  I enjoyed it but Grendal was disappointed.  Ah well.  Lets hope they can redeem themselves in his eyes, lol.