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Its getting chilly outside, which isn’t bad.  It just means I need to get my two leather coats out and hide my sandals so I don’t go prancing outside with them on.

I’ve been helping Grendal and his father with their business.  Don’t know if I mentioned it but they now have a Facebook page for it(Ryall Way Woodworking is the name).  We’ve had one inquiry about canes, which is good, but nothing more.  Take a look at it and if you know people who like handmade wood items, send them thata way!  Seriously.  Grendal’s father had been doing this for 30+ years I believe and Grendal has been working on it for some time himself too.

Speaking of Grendal, he and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday.  Nothing special but we enjoyed ourselves. 😀

Wandering around on Bungie’s website I stumbled on a site called 2Old2Play.  It’s a website for the 25+ year old gamers out there that, well, want to play with other people their age.  The group seems pretty nifty and are all over the place when it comes to what they play.  They’ve been around for some time and do charity work and what not.  Looking forward to playin’ with these folks.  Funny thing is, out of my usual Friday night gaming buddies I’m the only one old enough to join. XD

Oh!  I’m going to be playing Delta Green for a while rather than D&D.  Its in honor of Halloween but I have a feeling this will go on for a little while, which is awesome.  I love Cantropos’ games.  I won’t be able to play my previous character, Nora(a cartographer), but I have an interesting character in mind.  He works for NRO as a System’s Engineer(if Cantropos allows it) if not he’ll be an Intelligence Analyst for either FinCEN or INR.  He’s not gonna be as nutty as Nora but still kind of out there.  And instead of being obsessed with movies(which came in handy) he’ll be all about the computers and games.  I just need a name for the guy.


Eros was nervous.  Even hidden under a glamor and beneath dusty clothes he could be found out, if people knew what to look for.  It had been many, many years since he had taken form and walked amongst humans.  Ever since the worship of Aphrodite his image in the eyes of humans had been altered.  The wanton woman had produced a son much akin to himself: a winged being with a power over love and beauty.  Eros, much to his own delight, drew upon the more animalistic facets of love and could easily out shine the blond child, but he had been cast aside like the other Protogenoi.  Now this impostor was running around claiming authority in such things while still a child.

Might as well have a little fun,’ Eros thought with a smile.  He pulled down the hood of his cloak, hiding his face with even deeper shadows as he snaked through the crowded streets of Pythiria.  The temple of Cupid was within sight as were the boy god’s followers.  As he grew closer Eros could feel the power that the deity wielded, even though only his spirit was present.  Eros knew that what he was about to do would only cause anger and battle between the Protogenoi and the Olympians but they had their hands full with Zeus’s problems….there would be no need to listen to a boy god’s complaints.

Eros stepped over the threshold of Cupid’s temple and steadied himself against the sudden force of the god’s power.  He could see the shadow of the god flitting about, his movements betraying the fact that he was nervous.  Eros slipped into a throng of followers and clerics alike, and let himself be jostled around in the group’s merriment.  He met the stone eyes of Cupid’s statue, waiting to see them flicker with life as the boy god’s shadow entered it.  Eros heard the first gasp of surprise from one of the followers as the blue eyes shimmered with existence.  At that moment Eros removed the gloves from his hands and took hold of the people on either side of him.  Within a heartbeat the power Eros had spread through out the mob, causing those within the throng were quickly giving in to the temptation of flesh and leaving Eros standing alone and staring at the statue of Cupid.

‘How dare you!’

You take credit for my work, boy; they will think nothing of this.’ Eros thought with a smile.

You will pay…

The Olympians are occupied with their troubles, as are the Asgards.  Let us Protogenoi try and fix what you have ruined once again.’  Eros left the temple, ignoring the angry threats that echoed in his mind from the young god.  He could sense the ones Lachesis had instructed him to find.  They were an odd group and what worried him even more was that one of the chosen had to be retrieved from his home.  He had been guaranteed that all he had to do was get the group to meet and point them in the right direction.  Then the Sisters would take control along with a Goddess of the Asgards.  Eros had been surprised that one of the Asgards agreed to help but it seemed reasonable that not everyone would want the end to come.

Eros maneuvered through the crowded street heading towards the center of the city where the oracles and prophets were.  Those around him paid little attention to the cloaked man they say; he appeared to be nothing more than a blind oracle himself.  The moment he came close to an oracle he placed a hand on them and whispered his message.  Eros could see the glow in the oracle’s eye and the shock on their face as they realized they had heard the voice of a god.  He continued doing this as he moved past every oracle and prophet.

Now I wait.

Many would believe that Tartarus was a damned place, a dungeon for those who were meant to be forgotten.  To those living there, the ancient Gods and over looked creatures of old, it was a safe haven and a window to the cosmos.  It lay beneath the realm of Hades and it was only he who had access to Tartarus without seeking consent from the inhabitants.

She wore a crescent moon on her brow, held in place by a delicate metal chain against pale skin.  In her midnight hair sat the twinkling lights of countless stars and within her eyes sat the knowledge of time.  Even lounging amongst plush pillows, complacent in her current state of comfort, the Goddess Nyx still had the air of authority only a primeval spark of consciousness could command.  She studied Atropos and Clotho as they hurried towards her, noting the worried glances her other children exchanged at the sight; something was amiss.

“Greetings, my daughters,” Nyx announced, rising to her feet.  “Where is your third?”

Atropos bowed her head slightly, a motion mimicked by Clotho.  The boisterous talking that had been prevalent only seconds before died to hushed whispers as the eldest of the Moirae spoke.  “Detained, Mother…”

“Why?” Nyx asked as she approached her daughter.

Taking in a deep breath Atropos met Nyx’s gaze, “A problem has risen within the fabric of time…”

“There has been movement,” Clotho added.

Nyx narrowed her eyes slightly, “What do you mean?”

“Someone has tampered with the strings, Mother,” Atropos explained.  She ignored the whispers and the shocked gasps from her siblings, keeping her calm like she always had.  The job of the Moirae had been simple and until that very moment, without problems.  “I believe it was one of our own.”

Apate was the first to speak, or rather loudest of those speaking.  “One of us?  Why not one of the fellow spinners?  All know that no one is allowed in that sanctum.”

Clotho turned around, her eyes wild with fury.  “Who, besides Lachesis, is absent from this feast?”  Silence fell over the group and the Gods gazed at each other with wonder.

It was Eros who rose to his feet, commanding attention with such a simple movement but nothing less was expected from the God.  “Is it not your daughter Eris and her brood?”

Nyx bristled at the comment.  “What has she done?”

Atropos swallowed hard, “She has moved one of the strings, setting off our plans for many lifetimes. . . . Lachesis is seeing what can be done.”

“Destroy the human, here and now,” Nyx spat.  “Even though Eris is my own, I will not allow her to change things on a whim.”

“But mother-” Clotho and Atropos spoke in unison.

Nyx raised her hand, silencing them both.  “No!  It is known that we cannot move the strings once they’re in place; it is easier to destroy the life.”  The doors to the dining hall opened, causing all attention to turn to the meal’s late arrival.  Lachesis trotted down the walkway, her face flushed and her eyes wild with joy.  “What?  A smile in the face of such news?”

“I have fixed Eris’ tampering,” Lachesis said with a joyful sigh.

“How?” Nyx asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“While we cannot re-weave, I am able to rewrite the man’s future and the future of those around him.”

Eros strolled forward, a smile tugging on his lips.  “And how have you managed this?”

Lachesis stood beside her mother before turning to her siblings, “Our brethren on Mount Olympus and their comrades, the Asgard, believe their time is coming to an end….as well as the time of the humans.”  A mixture of laughter and sorrow erupted from the primeval deities.  “They are sitting aside, waiting for the end while the humans suffer from negligence.  One human, though, has heard this from the mouths of Gods and Eris had manipulated his thread so he would die without another soul knowing the fate of their world.  I have made it so this man can aid in the humans survival, as well as setting peace amongst the Asgard and the Olympians.”

“This is a rather large undertaking, daughter,” Nyx replied.  “How do you suggest this happens?”

“We are the oldest beings on earth, and we hold more powers then they can imagine.” Eros smiled.  “Let me plan this, dear sister, and I promise that the skies will be calm from this night on.”

Nyx nodded, “So be it.”

Alvis’ body ached as he took in a deep breath and regained the feeling in his body.  His clothes felt damp, his mouth dry, and his mind reeled from what he had seen.  Alvis opened his eyes wide and, for a moment, he didn’t hear his name being called nor the knocking at the door.  Pain lanced through his body as Alvis pushed himself to his feet and staggered to the door.  There was no sound of thunder, no pouring rain.

How long has it been?’ Alvis thought.  There was nothing but sunlight as Alvis opened the door and he shied away for an instant, a hand over his eyes to block out the pain.

“You are alive!”

Alvis recognized the voice and squinted against the harsh light, seeing a familiar shadow slowly taking form of a young female centaur.  “Caitlyn?”

“We haven’t seen you in a fortnight.”  Caitlyn spoke with the thick accent any centaur had when they spoke the human language.  Alvis had could barely tell himself that she was pretty; she was wild, her hair a rusty color and her skin tanned from living in the sun.  Her lower body appeared painted, the auburn fur sprayed with block splotches as if someone had flicked their paint brush at the poor girl.  “What happened?”

The question brought Alvis out of his daze and Caitlyn’s first statement sunk in.  “Fourteen days?”

Caitlyn nodded.  “We thought you had gone to the human village for your necessities but when no one spotted you on your return, we began to worry.  Brogan ventured to the village-”

“Brogan?” Alvis asked, his lip curling in confusion.  “He barely knows the human tongue.”

“He is a strong warrior,” Caitlyn replied, “and he could protect himself if the humans sought to do him harm.”  Alvis nodded with a shrug, lowering his eyes; they still hadn’t adjusted to the sunlight yet.  “Where were you, Alvis?  What kept you away for so long?”

“I wish I knew…”  Alvis’ voice trailed off as he raised his eyes to Caitlyn.  As if by magic his vision cleared and he looked past the centaur.  What had once been an open field now looked like an orchard of apple trees.  Hanging from each branch were apples, sparkling gold in the midday son.  “By the gods,” Alvis breathed, stumbling out of his home and past Caitlyn.  With a trembling body he raised his hand and wanted to touch the golden fruit, but his mind went to work and brought forth information on such a sight.  Alvis pulled away from the tree as if the plant would strike him.

Caitlyn trotted over to Alvis’ side, eying the young human and the tree.  “You fear this?”

Alvis nodded slowly, “These things bring nothing but strife.  Has anyone from you clan touched them?”

“No,” Caitlyn replied.  “We thought they were your doing and knew better then to touch one of your relics.”

“Good.”  Alvis rubbed his cheek, feeling for the first time the facial he had grown over his lost time.  “Tell your clan that these are not to be touched in the slightest….I need to see if I can burn this whole orchard to the ground.”

Caitlyn’s brown eyes grew wide.  “Burn it?  But it’s food.”

“Not when the bringer is Eris.”

There usually isn’t much excitement Friday afternoons around Renny’s place.  It’s just the usual games, go to the grocery store for dinner supplies, more games, dinner making/eating while watching a movie, and usually a little more games.  Renny’s house is near some heavily wooded areas (heavily wooded for the middle of a city) and he randomly sees deer and wild turkey.  Yesterday while talking I spotted a doe wandering off in his backyard and the child in me popped out and I squealed ‘Deer!’ and went bounding for the back door.  It was gone before I got to the backyard but I spotted the path that the deer must use when they do wander through the property.  Now, I’ve seen deer before but me being the animal lover that I am, I get excited when ever I see wild animals other than birds (those chubby things are EVERYWHERE).

The interesting bit didn’t happen until after dinner, around 7ish.  We were watching the Hulk movie (the first one with Eric Bana, and the good one in my opinion. The second one was inspired by the TV show, the first one was true to the comic….but this talk is for another post) and I wanted something to drink.  Grendal and I are too used to purified water and, well, the city water makes Grendal sick when ever he drinks it. 😐  So we decide that we’d head over to the grocery store again right after the first Hulk transformation.  During this we hear some odd commotion that we think its another TV in the house that Renny’s father is watching and just go back to watching the movie.  After the transformation I grab my purse and my slippers and Grendal and I head out the front door.  The moment we step outside I hear this weird snarling, barking sound…..I look down and see a small raccoon arching it’s back and baring it’s teeth.  My response?  I turn into a girl for a moment and let out a girly squeal before coming to my senses and calling for both Renny and Gigs to come look at what’s on the front porch.

Turns out the commotion we heard was a raccoon fight, or something.  This little guy was still a baby and we could only figure that mommy dearest was around somewhere.  Grendal tried to shoo the little guy away but the coon wanted nothing to do with that and tried to nip at his boots.  After a few pictures taken on phones we left the little guy alone and got our drinks.  When we got back he was napping between some flower pots and didn’t leave until night fall.

Other than that ordeal it was a pretty normal night….and Grendal beating the crap out of us at ModNation.

I’ve never been much for exercise if it wasn’t fun in some way.  I tried out Tae Bo, did some martial arts, and what not.  My favorite was hula, though I didn’t do it for a work out but for fun and to learn about my mother’s people.  I did that for about a year and, sadly, the woman who taught us left for Chicago and I wasn’t willing to drive out there once a week for an hour long lesson.

I’ve recently taken up belly dancing for the mix of working out and having a hell of a time.  I must say, I am in some pain.  I’m working some muscles that I haven’t worked and wow…’s interesting.  I haven’t gotten up the courage to search for some actually class(that and I don’t have the money) but I found a DVD at Borders that would work.  Looking through the 10 different DVDs I noted that two of them were put out by a woman who looked like she decided that belly dancing would make a great work out DVD.  Seriously, in the mix of women either wearing belly dancing outfit or being Indian, this woman was a blonde Hollywood housewife type of deal.  If I wanted to do basic aerobics I might give her a chance, but if I want belly dancing I’ll go for the ones that look like they’ve done it for a while.

Grendal has been going nuts with ModNation and I’ve agreed to try and make a track for us to try out tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be a little more easy and faster than trying to make a Little Big Planet level. @_@  I’ve decided to enlist my guys to help me create something, though I think I might have to put my foot down when it comes to creating the music on the level.  Also might try and play some ODST and kick ass as Dare.  That chick has grown on me and, honestly, having our little characters standing together on screen mimics real life…..Dare is a good head or two shorter then the guys, which is the height difference between me and my guys.  I love being the shortest person there sometimes but other times it’s a pain.  If all else fails, I tackle ’em…..except for Grendal because he’s the only one that seems to be able to out grapple me.

in more ways then one.  I finished my last final today and the only bad thing was the smell.  Nothing is worse, in my opinion, then preserved cats that are finally starting to decay.  You have the smell of the chemicals as well as, well, rotting flesh.   I don’t think it helped that we had day old cow tongue and about 3 hearts laying around.  Oddly enough our ‘fresh’ dog wasn’t out, so I’m guessing he wasn’t smelling and looking too good for the test.

To make things worse, I get home and BAM!  A mosquito bites me. 😐  While that’s not bad for most people, it’s bad for me.  I have an allergic reaction to the bites and have had this since I was a wee one.  Seriously, one year I had a bite just above/below(depends on my arm’s orientation) my elbow.  Stupid me decides to scratch it to make it feel better.  By the end of the day my forearm was swollen slightly and painful.  Then two years ago I got two bites on my forehead and I scratched them, though it was AFTER I scratched them when Grendal noticed they were bug bites.  I looked like Quasimodo for a short time and ended up going to the ER when the swelling threatened not only my eye but my nose.  Last thing I need is an eye swollen shut and my breathing compromised.  I now keep a good collection of Benadryl with me during warm weather…..can never be too safe.

But yeah…’s done with and I can start relaxing, working on D&D (including the next little story!), and what not.  I have to fish out my terminology book to keep things fresh, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m making my way through Alan Wake again, this time on Hard, and plan on doing it a 3rd time at some point.  Grendal is obsessed with ModNation Racers right now, which brings our PS3 collection up to 4…..I think.  That system has a while to go before it racks up a game count in our home.  I’m hoping the Ico Team follows the God of War collection idea; I think Grendal would love to have Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the PS3.  Me?  I’m just waiting for Reach to come out as well as Fable 3 and, possibly, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions….Okay, I lied, there are so many games I’m waiting for. XD  You can’t stop me from lovin’ my games.

….yeah…..I restarted Dragon Age thanks to some nifty mods. *gigglesnort*