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Its getting chilly outside, which isn’t bad.  It just means I need to get my two leather coats out and hide my sandals so I don’t go prancing outside with them on.

I’ve been helping Grendal and his father with their business.  Don’t know if I mentioned it but they now have a Facebook page for it(Ryall Way Woodworking is the name).  We’ve had one inquiry about canes, which is good, but nothing more.  Take a look at it and if you know people who like handmade wood items, send them thata way!  Seriously.  Grendal’s father had been doing this for 30+ years I believe and Grendal has been working on it for some time himself too.

Speaking of Grendal, he and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday.  Nothing special but we enjoyed ourselves. 😀

Wandering around on Bungie’s website I stumbled on a site called 2Old2Play.  It’s a website for the 25+ year old gamers out there that, well, want to play with other people their age.  The group seems pretty nifty and are all over the place when it comes to what they play.  They’ve been around for some time and do charity work and what not.  Looking forward to playin’ with these folks.  Funny thing is, out of my usual Friday night gaming buddies I’m the only one old enough to join. XD

Oh!  I’m going to be playing Delta Green for a while rather than D&D.  Its in honor of Halloween but I have a feeling this will go on for a little while, which is awesome.  I love Cantropos’ games.  I won’t be able to play my previous character, Nora(a cartographer), but I have an interesting character in mind.  He works for NRO as a System’s Engineer(if Cantropos allows it) if not he’ll be an Intelligence Analyst for either FinCEN or INR.  He’s not gonna be as nutty as Nora but still kind of out there.  And instead of being obsessed with movies(which came in handy) he’ll be all about the computers and games.  I just need a name for the guy.


There is nothing like starting a game when you know how it all ends. Being a big fan of the Halo universe, books included, I was thoroughly looking forward to playing the game. Not only because it was another Halo game but because it is the last one Bungie is doing in the foreseeable future. That and I really wanted to see how they pulled this game off. (more…)

Well, dinner from two nights ago was something I found online called Marinated Miso Chicken with Pan Sauce. It was yummy but it didn’t look like what it did in the author’s picture.  Then again, I had to do some substitutions and what not. 😐  The one good thing was that Grendal’s father apparently said that if I keep cooking like this, no one will want to eat his food.  That made me feel great but I also felt a little bad…..this is the guy that plays Santa at the family get togethers. D:  But yeah, here be the picture of dinner from two nights ago:

Nothing spectacular.  I was starving and grabbed my camera before diving in, so the presentation isn’t anything special.  Tonight, though, I’m making something called Ganmodoki.  It’s tofu, something that I usually don’t eat but with Grendal’s parents wanting to go vegetarian and eventually vegan I decided to try my hand at tofu meals.  Here’s to hoping it come out okay.

In other news I think my homemade shampoo gave me an allergic reaction of some sort yesterday.  I tried out a new mixture with and I think something in it reacted to my skin.  Oddly enough it didn’t itch and the only way I noticed was because Grendal pointed it out.  Parts of my skin were turning bright red, which made it stand out because I’m a pale little chick, and it looked like I had dried stage blood on me.  I had Grendal take pictures to keep note of it and the marks went away within an hour or so.  I dumped out my newest mixture and made some more, omitting the addition of  rosemary and limiting the amount of powdered cinnamon because those were the newest ingredients and my original ‘recipe’ didn’t have me breaking out.  Besides that my hair is doing great. 🙂  I’m still going through a detox phase and so is Grendal, but he’s not too happy about it. :p  He says he’ll give it another week or so and if things haven’t changed, he’s going back to shampoo.  Me?  I’m stubborn and will try and stick it out a while longer.

On the gaming front things are starting to pick up speed.  The group finally got through the setup of the whole story, in which they got together, tracked down a horn, and then signaled the coming of Ragnarok.  Now they’re tromping off to find a son of Zeus that could over throw the Olympic Pantheon and if all of that goes down alongside Ragnarok, who know what will happen to the mortals.  Yes, the group has disappeared into their first cave and picked up a companion in the form of a wolf cub.  It was a gamble that they’d take it along with them but Grendal’s character took a liking to the pooch and decided to tote it around.  In reality the wolf cub is a juvenile Gold Dragon.  I wasn’t planning on having another dragon companion for the group but Gigs made the comment about this game having another Merrick and I decided to throw in the possibility of another one, albeit one that isn’t just hatching.  I finally have a name for the sucker too: Kalith.  It’s Draconic for courage which fits a Gold Dragon perfectly!

In other gaming news, around Halloween time I’m hoping to take a break so Cantropos can do a little Delta Green game in honor of the spooky holiday! 😀  I love that game and have been itching to play it ever since finding out last Friday was HP Lovecraft’s 120th birthday(or something like that).  Grendal, Dame, and myself are the only ones in the group that have played the game before, besides Cantropos obviously.  Grendal isn’t too fond of the insanity rolls but enjoys the game but Dame just doesn’t like it for some reason.  Gigs and Renny are interested and I think Cantropos would enjoy running the game, especially since he had an idea or two by the end of the night.

Halo Reach stuff is starting flow out, which is making me a happy little gamer.  I’m loving the live action stuff they’re putting out but some other people in the Halo community aren’t too thrilled about it.  Why?  Not enough action and explosions.  Thinking about it I can understand because Halo is an action game.  You run around with all sorts of firearms and destroy the aliens in your path.  Reach, though, is something new.  This is the start of the Human-Covenant war in the series, which means there isn’t much in the way of explosions and outright kick assery(woo, new word).  The first live action thing was pretty much what was happening to different people on Reach the day before the attack happened.  Here’s a copy from youtube:

I don’t think it’s bad.  I mean, people are doing their normal thing which is to be expected.  Everything is hunky dory.  Today Kotaku had a video called ‘Deliver Hope’ up, which is the next live action thing for Halo Reach.  It’s pretty nifty and has the explosions people were hoping for.  My only gripe(big surprise, I have a gripe) is that Kat doesn’t have the mechanical arm like she has in the game.  I can understand not being able to duplicate it, but it just irked me for some odd reason.  Here be the video:

Here is an interesting bit that Kotaku had: “Starting on Aug. 29, the Deliver Hope campaign kicks off for real, with the live-action short hitting a multitude of networks including CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, Spike TV, Comedy Central, SyFy, ESPN, F/X, TNT, TBS, Discovery Channel, G4, and more.”  It’ll be nice seeing it on TV and hoping there is more to it. 🙂

Last Friday I watched a ViDoc for the game called “A Spartan Will Rise” with my usual Friday crew.  Grendal made a comment along the lines of “Why is Cortana in this game?”  Listening to the voice over, it was Cortana’s voice but it sounded off in some way and I couldn’t place it.  I had my suspicions but didn’t say anything.  In the end, though, it wasn’t Cortana who was speaking but Dr. Halsey!  I pointed out to the guys that the speech patterns were different between Halsey and Cortana, which would make sense since Cortana is an AI and looks and sounds like her maker(Halsey) but is totally different.  🙂  Holy crap, here be the ViDoc:

So yes, all is well and I’m counting down the days until September 14 so I can get my grubby little paws on that freakin’ game!

Electronic Entertainment Expo, i.e. E3, is the apex of a Gamer’s year.  I believe it was the creator of Twisted Metal that said E3 was the Gamer’s Christmas and, honestly, I have to agree.  With glimpses of what’s to come in every corner of the gaming world, who could ask for more?

I follow E3 closely, though retain only the info I find interesting.  Know what that means??  Much of the Nintendo Franchise goes unnoticed in the world of me.  I know of the Metroid game as well as the next installment of Legend of Zelda, and what ever else they may be squeezing out of poor Mario now(he’s at 200+ game appearances).  Besides that, the Nintendo fan-boys and fan-girls have squealed about a Kirby game and Kid Icarus(never touched an Icarus game, though I have wondered if you can die from flying too high).  I won’t go on about the Nintendo stuff, mainly because it will just be drab coming from me.  Look it up at other gaming sites, though be weary about blogs and personal views, like mine they’ll be riddled with personal opinions(you can always spot a Nintendo supporter from a mile a way).

My fan-girl inspiring moments thus far?  Silent Hill 8(it’s getting old but I need me some survival horror), the new Mortal Kombat, Little Big Planet 2, the announcement of Firefight in Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops (the first CoD to catch my eye), Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (light bending invisibility!), Fallout: New Vegas, and…um….I think that’s it.  There is still one more day left, so who knows what kind of info/footage may be found!

I’m a little leery about the Natal/Kinect launch games looking too much like what the Wii has processed to fill it’s motion control niche.  What I’m hoping for is the fact that Natal/Kinect, and even the PS3’s motion controls, could bring forth some not so family friendly, party games.  I know for a fact that I’ll be upset to find some Mario Party knock off on my 360 but with the idea of ‘fighting’ games, racing, and, maybe, some form of FPS being available for  the motion control scheme would kick ass.  Plus it will give the hardcore 360 fans and/or Wii haters a chance to test out the motion controls.

Now we just have to hope that Microsoft has had enough time to get Natal/Kinect to a good working speed, given the Wii presented the technology to the world 4 years ago.  Then again, I hope for too much sometimes.

in more ways then one.  I finished my last final today and the only bad thing was the smell.  Nothing is worse, in my opinion, then preserved cats that are finally starting to decay.  You have the smell of the chemicals as well as, well, rotting flesh.   I don’t think it helped that we had day old cow tongue and about 3 hearts laying around.  Oddly enough our ‘fresh’ dog wasn’t out, so I’m guessing he wasn’t smelling and looking too good for the test.

To make things worse, I get home and BAM!  A mosquito bites me. 😐  While that’s not bad for most people, it’s bad for me.  I have an allergic reaction to the bites and have had this since I was a wee one.  Seriously, one year I had a bite just above/below(depends on my arm’s orientation) my elbow.  Stupid me decides to scratch it to make it feel better.  By the end of the day my forearm was swollen slightly and painful.  Then two years ago I got two bites on my forehead and I scratched them, though it was AFTER I scratched them when Grendal noticed they were bug bites.  I looked like Quasimodo for a short time and ended up going to the ER when the swelling threatened not only my eye but my nose.  Last thing I need is an eye swollen shut and my breathing compromised.  I now keep a good collection of Benadryl with me during warm weather…..can never be too safe.

But yeah…’s done with and I can start relaxing, working on D&D (including the next little story!), and what not.  I have to fish out my terminology book to keep things fresh, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m making my way through Alan Wake again, this time on Hard, and plan on doing it a 3rd time at some point.  Grendal is obsessed with ModNation Racers right now, which brings our PS3 collection up to 4…..I think.  That system has a while to go before it racks up a game count in our home.  I’m hoping the Ico Team follows the God of War collection idea; I think Grendal would love to have Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the PS3.  Me?  I’m just waiting for Reach to come out as well as Fable 3 and, possibly, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions….Okay, I lied, there are so many games I’m waiting for. XD  You can’t stop me from lovin’ my games.

….yeah…..I restarted Dragon Age thanks to some nifty mods. *gigglesnort*

Wait for It….

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Well, I managed to play roughly 4 matches in the Reach Beta before I was on the wrong end of the systems malfunction.  The multiplayer isn’t too new, in a sense.  They’re using the color scheme from ODST for your armor and the while the basic ideas for matches have been tweaked it’s pretty straight forward.  The new maps are pretty, from what I’ve seen, and the ability to pick what type of ‘class’ you are is nice.  I believe I’m sticking with Scout for now, though I might waltz over to the assassin type class.  The customization for your armor seems rather nifty too, and I’m looking forward to it once the game is in full release.

While waiting for the systems to get back up the three people I was teamed up with decided to play some Firefight from ODST.  One of these guys is/was one of the biggest Halo fans I’ve known, so I was surprised when he was loading things that he left it on normal.  I requested to bump it to at least Heroic, which he did.  Now, I’m used to playing with Grendal, Renny, and Gigs so I thought it was just that I needed to get into the swing of things when it came to playing with these three guys.  Nope!  One guy seemed like he knew what he was doing, though I’m not sure if he played on this high of a level setting before. 😐  Needless to say, there was no communication between us during the 2 matches we did and we didn’t make it very far.  I missed my usual Halo guys.

But yes…after the guys got bored with that they decided to check out Reach again.  Servers were still down and we waited for another 30 minutes before I called it quits.  I wanted food and, honestly, the conversation wasn’t too interesting.  Ah well.  I’ll probably have better info about the Beta this Saturday.

Today is a busy day for lil’ ol’ me! In a few hours I will be gaming my little heart out during the Halo: Reach Beta and I have to plan 2, yes 2, campaigns for my Sunday night gaming group.  We did a vote last night to see who’s idea people wanted to go with and my Roman/Norse game and we’re doing my ‘Save the Princess’ idea as a short thing before the big one.  This game will end up being a long one, since my first game lased for roughly a year.  😮  I’ll be giving out info about the game as it really fleshes out and more than likely I’ll be giving some ‘play by plays’ of the Save the Princess game.

I will return with Reach Beta info. 😀