Feeling Old with Kindred Spirits

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Life

Last night before renting Pandorum and Gamer, and before mucking up the time for Sherlock Holmes, Grendal and I had gone to a local Target to kill some time.  We went down to the game/CD/video area to look around.  I debated about getting yet another expansion for Sims2 but decided to do that another time.  We decided to look at the cheap DVDs to see if there was anything good.  Found a DVD with 4 Batman movies and then a DVD with the Blade movies.  As we were looking around I heard the theme to Fraggle Rock playing on a TV over head.  My response?  I start singing along with it, doin’ a little dance, and trying to get Grendal to join in(he didn’t).  Grendal did give a chuckle and I looked beside me; there were two kids staring at the screen with wide eyes, and that lovely zombie look kids get when they watch TV.  I snickered and kept on singing until the kids’ father came by and said ‘Brings back memories, huh?’  Grendal and I both laughed and went back to looking at DVD while the father tried to get his kids to move.  Grendal pointed out a Cheech and Chong DVD and I complained that it wasn’t one their good movies(forget which ones were on there, but I didn’t like ’em).  The father over heard me and said, in a soft voice, ‘Down and to the right.’  I looked and there was a copy of Up in Smoke.  It made me happy but I didn’t buy it.

What struck me during that whole thing, though, was the fact that the guy wasn’t too much older than myself(I’m 25) and already had two kids(one which looked about 7 or 8).  I’m just coming to the realization that the ‘adults’ are my generation of people: they know about things like Fraggle Rock and the Muppets, know about the old school games, and what not.  Seriously, looking through some of the things on the website It Made My Day made it even more obvious!  Seriously, math professors knowing about Zelda characters and other professors knowing about online memes……Generation Y is turning out to be an interesting form of adults.


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